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What is the fantasy premier league? Know all the new format changes

In the online game Fantasy Premier League, users score points each week based on the performance of actual football players. Simply simple, you pick a digital squad of Premier League players, and you score points based on how well their real-life counterparts perform. 

If, for instance, Mohamed Salah plays for Liverpool FC and scores a goal, you will be rewarded if you have him on your FPL team. A clean sheet by Alisson Becker in real life earns you points if he is your custodian. A player from your squad will also lose points if they receive a yellow or red card, similar to how suspension works in football but just in the form of negative points. 

How does the point system work?

Every position on the pitch has a unique point system. The most frequent awards go to goalkeepers and defenders for actions like saving a penalty (5 points) or maintaining a clean sheet (4 points); midfielders for assisting a goal (3); and forwards for tallying (4). However, players in various positions may receive rewards for a variety of actions, so it’s important to determine how much each real-world activity is worth.

In reality, a defender can score as well, for example. However, because it is more uncommon, a defender will gain more points when his real-life counterpart scores (6 instead of 4) as a result. The role of a midfielder in defending is also important, and they will be rewarded for it. However, they don’t play as much of a role as the defenders do, and they only receive one point if their team manages to hold off the opposition. Read More: Premier League Fixtures 2023/24

Every week, you’ll receive double points for your captain. In this case, instead of the customary four points for a goal, your captain will receive eight points if he plays as your striker. If for some reason your captain cannot play, your vice-captain will take over.

How to buy and sell players in Fantasy Premier League?

You are granted £100 million at the beginning of the game to invest on your squad. Spending them wisely is required because this must pay for the costs of all 15 players (including substitutes). The best players can’t just be purchased because that would be too pricey. Your team needs to be balanced with both expensive buys and hotshots. If this seems too difficult to start, you may alternatively request that the game “auto-fill” you a team to get you going. Even some professional athletes will do this to start off with some ideas. Use it, then, if you think you need to. Each week you get to transfer players in and out of your squad. Read More: Arsenal Transfer News: Kai Havertz is now a key target alongside Declan Rice

There’s More to the FPL Game

You can use each of the four extra options once during the season. Here are some of them:

Wildcard: The Wildcard allows you to completely alter your team without losing any points. It is preferable to wait until at least a few weeks into the season when you will have a clearer understanding of who is performing well and who isn’t. 

Free Hit: The only difference between a Free Hit and a Wildcard is that your adjustments will only be effective for one game week. After that game week is through, your team will resume its previous state. 

Triple Captain: Does exactly what it says on the box; if a player is a triple captain that week, they will receive TRIPLE points rather than double. 

Bench Boost: For one game week, use your Bench Boost to give all players on your bench who typically don’t score points (unless a starter from your starting XI is out) points.

New Changes are introduced in the Fantasy Premier League

The 2023–24 season will mark the introduction of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL)’s new format, the specifics of which have not yet been made public.

The Premier League’s director of digital media and audience development, Alexandra Willis, revealed during a discussion of the business of Fantasy Premier League at SportsPro Live that a new format will be available to the game’s 11.4 million global players at the start of the following season in addition to Fantasy and Fantasy Draft. Read More: Manchester United already has a successor for Jadon Sancho

There are currently few details, however, there are several rumours that there may be new league formats or game modes.

“There is a new format coming for the start of next season, so watch this space,” Willis revealed.

“I mentioned the new format which we’re launching for next season, which is very exciting. Even for this season, the game underwent a rebrand – we launched the Second Chance league which allowed people to come in again and have a free restart, which was very popular and probably something we’ll look to repeat.

“There’s lots of feedback from the community all of the time about small things that can be improved and enhanced, and ensuring that those changes fit naturally as part of that match week window.

“So, you’re in your build-up, prepare, get excited phase and you’re picking your teams. But then how is it acting as a compliment to the live coverage is something else to be explored. There’s always lots to do and we’re certainly building from a position of strength”.

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