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Manchester United already has a successor for Jadon Sancho.

Initial Observations

Manchester United lacked motivation as the seconds passed beneath the Wembley arch. Although Erik ten Hag’s team had fought valiantly to remain in the game against Man City, they lacked the same offensive vigor or initiative their rivals possessed in spades. Performances in these marquee finals have the power to determine a player’s legacy. Jadon Sancho’s absence raised more questions about his future at the club it. Although it wasn’t as strong as they had planned, the spark eventually dimed, not from one who cost them £73 million, but from one who only cost them $100,000.

Garnacho Traits

Alejandro Garnacho, a youngster, favors a quick and frenzied style of play whereas Sancho plays with a logical and deliberate approach. Garnacho pumped up the attack by acting as though he were being pursued by a pack of wolves while the other attackers walked about at a leisurely park run speed. He can sometimes make stupid choices or run into dead ends because he is so straightforward and eager to impress, but this is a refreshing change from Sancho and Antony who seem almost reluctant to beat a guy in the last third. In the FA Cup final, Garnacho not only showed more in 30 minutes than Sancho did in roughly 80 but also displayed more in 36 senior appearances for the team than the English striker. Also Read:Top 5 Young Players Rejected By FC Barcelona Due to Internal Mismanagement

Garnacho’s development undoubtedly provides United more justification to consider any offer that comes their way this summer, especially in light of the recent talk surrounding the forward’s unclear future as a former Borussia Dortmund player. This week, Sancho has already been associated with Aston Villa, Brighton, and Tottenham. There have also been rumors that Dortmund may consider a loan deal for their former attacker. Erik ten Hag was getting impatient with the English front. Despite having plenty of opportunities throughout the match, the forward did little to alter opinions.

Will Sancho be in playing 11 next season?

While there is still hope that the 23-year-old will have enough time to realize his immense potential, there must also be a strong temptation to sell him if a suitable offer comes in so that money may be put to other uses. Sancho hasn’t often looked like the youngster they thought represented a bit of a deal for only £73m two years ago, and his highlights reel could still fit into a Vine after two seasons at the club. There is even a case to be made that moving him would be in the club’s best long-term interests, allowing them to recoup part of the astronomical sum they paid for him and giving Garnacho the space to develop in his game.

Realistically, one of Sancho or Garnacho will have to play in their chosen position as the third choice and based on their performance while wearing a United jersey, there can only be one winner at this time. The fact that Ten Hag might still be able to use his magic to return Sancho to his former glory is a little consolation, but there must be some reservations about it occurring after yet another season that was completely ineffective.

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