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Top 5 Players with most red cards in Premier League

Everyone loves an aggressive football player. Each and everybody loves to meat challenges and in a division as competitive as the English Premier League. It is really a joy watching one player sliding into an opponent . In order to win the ball cleanly is often hard to replicate. But if these challenges turns deadly it could result in a red card. Here, is the list of top 5 players with most red cards in Premier League.

Top 5 Players With Most Red Cards In Premier League :

5.Duncan Ferguson

Much like Joey Barton, Duncan Ferguson was really a true thug. Between 1994 and 2006, he terrorized the opponent’s defenders. Most of his fouls came from dangerous tackles and off-the-ball incidents. He was one of the most aggressive footballers ever to play in the English Premier League.


8 red cards

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4. Frank Queudrue

Frank Queudrue’s Premier League career lasted from 2001–2010. He played for Fulham and Birmingham. During the 2002–03 season, he received 3 red cards for his aggressive challenges and attitudes. Frank scored one of the best own goals ever during his time in the French League.

Appearances: 201

6 red cards

3.Younes Kaboul

He is a currently active French Central defender. He had played for Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland. One of his red cards came from a headbutt in 2010. He also received a second yellow card after removing his shirt during a goal celebration. He received his first red card after only 5 matches while playing for Sunderland.


6 red cards

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2. Vinnie Jones

He had played in the Premier League from 1992-98. Before that, the Premier League emerged, he had already been sent off six times. He now has a total of 12 for his career. Vinnie holds the record for the quickest ever yellow card at just 3 seconds.


6 red cards

1.John Hartson

He played in the Premier League between 1995 and 2001. Hartson once accused the refree of using foul and abusive language. In 1998, he was red carded for striking another player. For that, he was sent off for 7 matches.


6 red cards

Top 5 Players With Most Red Cards in Premier League

      Number        Name      Red Cards    Appearances
          1John Hartson            6           155
          2Vinnie Jones            6           184
          3Younes Kaboul            6           197
          4Frank Queudrue            6           201
          5Duncan Ferguson            8           269

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