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Juventus Gets The 15 Points Back In The League, Judgement Overturns

Juventas overrules their judgment and gets back the 15 points in the league table. Will it create a buzz in the future?

This is no less than a fairytale, isn’t it? Okay, imagine with me, you are on your way to being part of one of the most critical matches on the calendar for you and you hear that you have regained the 15th points that have been deducted from the league points table. You will be happy, won’t you? This is the story of Juventus, the old lady of Italy.

The FIGC announced Thursday night, before the clash between Juventus and Sporting in Portugal for the Semis spot in the Europa League that Juventus’ appeal of the FIGC’s 15-point penalty from January has been successful. Now, it is said to be done on a temporary basis as there is a new trail that will take place soon. Though the time period isn’t mentioned specifically, it will give a sense of uncertainty for the Italian team. 

But it also has a backlash. Some teams are putting forward that this change will allow Juventus to qualify for next year’s UCL tournament. Getting the 15 points back moves Juve up to third place in Serie A on 59 points, moving Roma down to fourth, Milan to fifth, and Inter to sixth, further complicating the top-four race for both Milan sides. Also, read- Juventus VS Sporting, Match Preview, and Prediction

This now changes the whole scenery for the Italian clubs. Napoli stays on top with 75 points and Lazio secures second place with 61 points but the rest of it is pure chaos. The effect is still uncertain but is entitled to create further buzz.

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