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Deloitte Report lays down new financial regulations for Europe in 2022-2023 season

London: The 31st Deloitte Annual Report For Football Finances documents the 2020-21 season, which was affected by the pandemic and related lockdowns. The Report also lays down the new financial regulations implemented by UEFA to ensure financial sustainability of the clubs.

The clubs are required to show the enhanced disclosure reports of its legal structure and parties with control and significant influence. The report suggests that this will provide greater transparency. The Deloitte Report adds that the development will also enable the integrity of the UEFA competitions. The report adds on about overdue payables also. It states no overdue payables of 2023/2023 can be performed in every quarter. Additionally, there will no very low tolerance for late payers.

Among the regulations, one of the key clauses is regarding the net equity. A positive or improved net equity should be submitted by every UEFA club before the start of every season. The report decides whether the club gets a license to enter UEFA Competitions. The addendum will be efficient from 31st December 2024. The Deloitte Report suggests a improvement to the current break even arrangement. It states that a club’s aggregate earning over three years should be positive. The report adds that the aggregate can be within a possible deviation of 60m euro, conditioned that it is covered by contributions.

The transnational implementation of the squad cost rule will be applied from 2023/24. The rule will limit the player wages in each calendar year up to 70 percent of the revenue. Additionally, The same applies to agent and transfer costs and the first team coach wages.

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Deloitte has assisted UEFA in financial regulations through years. They expect challenging cases in the future after the adoption of new regulations

Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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