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Davis Cup Winners List, know which country has won the most titles

United States has won 32 Davis Cups, which is the most by a country. Followed by Australia, Great Britain, and France.

The Davis Cup is an international men’s team tournament in tennis and the winner of this tournament is recognized as the World Champion. It all began in the year 1990 when the International Tennis Federation organized the event. The United States was the inaugural champion of the event and Great Britain was the runner-up. Well, at that time only 2 of them competed against each other and currently in 2023, 155 countries are competing for the glory. So, let’s have a look at, the Davis Cup Winners list and know which country is crowned the world champions most time.

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1990 – 1999

Year Winner Runner-up
1900 United States Great Britain
1902 United States Great Britain
1903 Great Britain United States
1904 Great Britain Belgium
1905 Great Britain United States
1906 Great Britain United States
1907 Australia Great Britain
1908 Australia United States
1909 Australia United States


1911 – 1920

Year Winner Runner-up
1911 Australia United States
1912 Great Britain Australia
1913 United States Great Britain
1914 Australia United States
1919 Australia Great Britain
1920 United States Australia

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1921 – 1930

Year Winner Runner-up
1921 United States Japan
1922 United States Australia
1923 United States Australia
1924 United States Australia
1925 United States France
1926 United States France
1927 France United States
1928 France United States
1929 France United States
1930 France United States


1931 – 1940

Year Winner Runner-up
1931 France Great Britain
1932 France United States
1933 Great Britain France
1934 Great Britain United States
1935 Great Britain United States
1936 Great Britain Australia
1937 United States Great Britain
1938 United States Australia
1939 Australia United States

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1941 – 1950

Year Winner Runner-up
1946 United States Australia
1947 United States Australia
1948 United States Australia
1949 United States Australia
1950 Australia United States


1951 – 1960

Year Winner Runner-up
1951 Australia United States
1952 Australia United States
1953 Australia United States
1954 United States Australia
1955 Australia United States
1956 Australia United States
1957 Australia United States
1958 United States Australia
1959 Australia United States
1960 Australia Italy


1961 – 1970

Year Winner Runner-up
1961 Australia Italy
1962 Australia Mexico
1963 United States Australia
1964 Australia United States
1965 Australia Spain
1966 Australia India
1967 Australia Spain
1968 United States Australia
1969 United States Romania
1970 United States Germany

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1971 – 1980

Year Winner Runner-up
1971 United States Romania
1972 United States Romania
1973 Australia United States
1974 South Africa India
1975 Sweden Czechoslovakia
1976 Italy Chile
1977 Australia Italy
1978 United States Great Britain
1979 United States Italy
1980 Czechoslovakia Italy


1981 – 1990

Year Winner Runner-up
1981 United States Argentina
1982 United States France
1983 Australia Sweden
1984 Sweden United States
1985 Sweden Germany
1986 Australia Sweden
1987 Sweden India
1988 Germany Sweden
1989 Germany Sweden
1990 United States Australia


1991 – 2000

Year Winner Runner-up
1991 France United States
1992 United States Switzerland
1993 Germany Australia
1994 Sweden Russia
1995 United States Russia
1996 France Sweden
1997 Sweden United States
1998 Sweden Italy
1999 Australia France
2000 Spain Australia

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2001 – 2010

Year Winner Runner-up
2001 France Australia
2002 Russia France
2003 Australia Spain
2004 Spain United States
2005 Croatia Slovakia
2006 Russia Argentina
2007 United States Russia
2008 Spain Argentina
2009 Spain Czech Republic
2010 Serbia France


2011 – 2022

Year Winner Runner-up
2011 Spain Argentina
2012 Czech Republic Spain
2013 Czech Republic Serbia
2014 Switzerland France
2015 Great Britain Belgium
2016 Argentina Croatia
2017 France Belgium
2018 Croatia France
2019 Spain Canada
2021 Russia Croatia
2022 Canada Australia

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Which country has won the most Davis Cup titles?

The United States has won 32 Davis Cups, which is the most by a country. Followed by Australia, which has won the championship 28 times, and Great Britain and France with 10 each. To be honest, the Davis Cup has been dominated by four countries. The United States, Australia, Great Britain, and France have won 80 Davis Cups collectively out of the 110 Davis Cups.

Well, most of those victories were before the Open Era. The competition is way more difficult in the Open Era, as in the past nine Davis Cups, we have had a new winner every time.

Davis Cup Winners List (Country wise)

Country Titles
United States 32
Australia 28
Great Britain 10
France 10
Sweden 7
Spain 6
Czech Republic 3
Germany 3
Russia 3
Croatia 2
South Africa 1
Italy 1
Serbia 1
Switzerland 1
Argentina 1
Canada 1

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