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Brazil Clinches Sixth FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Title

Brazil secured its sixth FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup title, defeating Italy 6-4 in Dubai.

The Rodrigo hat trick came instrumental to the Brazilian victory.  “It’s a wonderful feeling, it’s great to remember the pleasure of winning the World Cup, it’s my second,” said Rodrigo. “I just have to thank everyone who supported us here and in Brazil. CBF, we’re arriving. Now we’ve given the federation a nice problem: where to fit the sixth star on this shirt.

Brazil’s strategy focused on aggressive offense and disciplined defense. Apart from Rodrigo, Bruno and Brendo scored one goal each. Italy also pitched in one for the opponents with an own goal.

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Brazil’s win reaffirms its dominance in beach soccer, marking a historic moment in the tournament’s history. Italy’s defeat marks its third loss in a world beach soccer final. Brazil has appeared in the Top Four in 9 out of 12 editions.

Brazil’s journey to victory included wins over Japan and Iran. Italy secured their spot in the final by defeating Tahiti and Belarus.

Iran clinched the third position of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024 by defeating the controversial participants Belarus in the bronze match for 6-1

Italy’s balanced approach highlighted their potential as a powerhouse in the sport. The final showcased the offensive capabilities of both teams, with Genovali netting two goals for Italy. The final was a celebration of beach soccer’s beauty and intensity.

Brazil’s victory adds to its illustrious history in the sport. Italy’s valiant effort promises exciting prospects for the future of beach soccer.

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