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Top Five Players with All-Time most assist in Euro Cup

The European Championship is a spectacle and a deep study of football tactics. European football has outgrown its peers a long time ago not just in football quality but also in financial terms and global reach as well as popularity. However, besides being known as a system-reliant footballer, it needs playmakers to unlock very well-drilled teams. Let us look at the Top Five Players With All-Time Most Assist In Euro Cup.

#5. Arjen Robben

The Dutch genius had many detractors in addition to his fanbase. However, few players were as consistently efficient, fearsome, and entertaining as this winger. He won it all in the Bayern Munich shirts and came to within a touching distance of adding the World Cup trophy to his team accolades. The Euros also enjoyed his ability in football, with 5 assists.

#4. Bastian Schweinsteiger

A German machine manufactured in Bavaria, Schweinsteiger manned Germany’s midfield for quite a long time. Leading the germans in terms of assists in the competition, the versatile midfielder was deployed in a vast range of positions from deep-lying midfielder to box-to-box midfielder. However, his service to forwards stood out, with 5 assists to his name as well.

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#3. Cesc Fabregas

He is a player whose gift was immensely noticeable since his young years. Fabregas’ ability and vision with the ball were an asset to his club and country. A Leading engine of Arsenal at a very tender age to moving to his childhood club FC Barcelona. His service was deeply appreciated by the all-conquering coach of Spain, Vicente Del Bosque, being played in a diverse position in the midfield as well as a false nine. He has 5 assists as well.

#2. Cristiano Ronaldo

An icon, even touted by some as the greatest of all time, Ronaldo has evolved to become a lethal forward. But through his many appearances throughout the many editions of Euros, he appeared in. He has a pretty high number of assists well. his mesmerizing skills with a football. The first euros he appeared in caught the attention of all football lovers in the world. He has 7 assists in Euros.

#1. Karel Poborsky

Despite Cristiano’s tendency to break more than a handful of records in football. The assists record is still in the custody of the incredible Czech Republic who helped his team land a dream of a final in Euros in 1996. He played for several big names in Europe like Benfica and Manchester United. He has 8 assists to his name.

Sl NoPlayerTeamAssists
  5.Arjen RobbenThe Netherlands5 Assists
  4.Bastian SchweinsteigerGermany5 Assists
  3.Cesc FabregasSpain5 Assists
  2.Cristiano RonaldoPortugal7 Assists
  1.Karel PoborskyCzech Republic8 Assists

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