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Five all-time top assists in Copa America

Latin American football has been stylistically and aesthetically superior throughout the massive evolution the game went through. With big names from Argentina and Brazil as well as the shocking underdog stories of Chile in 2015 and 2016, Copa America is a feast for the eyes. So let us have a look at the Five All-Time Top Assists In Copa America.

#5. Alexis Sanchez

A football powerhouse during his stint in the Premier League club Arsenal. His incredible form then also came to the use of his national team Chile in the Copa America of 2015 and 2016. Leading the lines of a nation that was a huge underdog, playing twice against World Cup finals Argentina twice. Chile came out with trophies both of the times.  With names like Arturo Vidal, Claudio Bravo, and Eduardo Vargas, Alexis Sanchez was the crown jewel with his red hot form at the time. He has 6 assists.

#4. Juan Arango

A Venezuelan international with incredible technical skills and striking ability. His accuracy in free kicks was widely regarded by critics. Also regarded by many as the greatest Venezuelan footballer of all time. The attacking midfielder spent a vast amount of time in the LA Liga club Mallorca. He has 6 assists in 22 games.

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#3. Angel Di Maria

The Argentine international has been a delight to watch on the pitch throughout his career. He was a crucial part of Real Madrid’s historic La Decima. And he also plays a huge part in a star-studded PSG. He is a darling for the Albiceleste faithful since his winning goal in the Beijing Olympics football final. He has 6 assists in 20 games.

#2. Carlos Tevez

Dubbed the bulldog by his adoring fans, for his tenacious and passionate display on the pitch. Carlos Tevez has spent a considerable portion of the Premier League. He played in West Ham, Manchester United, and Manchester City before moving to Juventus. He has 6 assists for Argentina in the tournament.

#1. Lionel Messi

Regarded by many a the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi’s career has been a celebration of football. However, his ambitions to win trophies for the national team came to an acrimonious halt on more than one occasion. However, that was relieved too as he led his country to the first major trophy in many years. With his unprecedented brilliance throughout the tournament in 2021. With more than double the assist of the nearest contender, and boasting a number that won’t be broken any time soon. Messi has 17 assists in total.

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