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The 100 Goals Club: Which teams have scored 100 goals in FIFA World Cup?

Doha: The FIFA World Cup is a celebration of global football dominance. The 196 teams go through multiple eliminations until the final 32. The final 32 play around 64 matches to find the one. The World Cup has been played 22 different times and seven teams have scored 100 goals in total

Spain and England achieved this magnificent feat in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Spain had 99 goals in the tournament before the tournament while England had 92. They accumulated as many goals in the group stage and reached the elite list. To know who are the other teams in this seven-member list? Scroll to find out.

#7 England

England started the 2022 World Cup with 92 goals. In the first match against Iran, they scored six goals taking the tally to 98. In the second fixture against the USA, they scored a single goal.

On the 30th of November, 2022, with the first goal of the match, Marcus Rashford scored a 20-yard-free-kick dipping the ball past the Welsh goalkeeper. Rashford’s feat made England the seventh team to reach the 100-goal mark. The Phil Foden screamer a minute later enabled England to cross the mark. England became the first team to reach the mark with a freekick and the second with a set piece.

#6 Spain

Spain touted the Costa Ricans sparing no mercy as the La Roja annihilated them with seven goals. A full-packed Al Thumama witnessed one of the scoring matches in the FIFA World Cup. The massive win is not only the reason for the jubilant Spanish fans.

In the eleventh minute of Spain vs Costa Rica, Dani Olmo scored the hundredth goal for La Roja in FIFA World Cups. With Olmo’s feat, Spain joined the elite 100 goals list of the World Cup.

#5 France

France, who have the iconic record of scoring the very first World Cup goal. Lucien Laurent scored the first goal in the 1930 World Cup against Montevideo

France joined the club eight years ago in Brazil. France had 96 goals before the start of the 2014 World Cup. They joined the club in the second group stage match in which they annihilated Switzerland. Oliver Giroud scored the very first goal of the match as well as the 100th goal of the team in the World Cup. Since then, France has added 24 more goals to their tally

#4 Argentina

Argentina joined the elite list almost 16 years before the French did. Argentina entered the club on 4th July 1998 World Cup.

Claudio Lopez scored the hundredth goal for Argentina in FIFA World Cup. His goal went in vain as Argentina went down against the Netherlands. It was the Quarter Finals seeing that the Albiceleste are knocked out. It is the only instance where a team joined the list in a losing game.

#3 Italy

Italy’s record came just a few days before Argentina’s did. Italy like Argentina joined the list during the 1998 World Cup.

R di Baggio is credited with Italy’s 100th goal in FIFA World Cup. His goal came in the 3-0 victory against Cameroon on 18th June 1998.

#2 Germany

Germany alongside the number one team on this list is the only two team with more than 200 goals. Additionally, both teams’ 100th goal came in on the occasion of a World Cup final.

In the 1974 World Cup final, Germany faced the Dutch in the final. in the 25th minute, Germany was awarded a penalty. Paul de Breitner took the setpiece and set it sailing past the Dutch goalkeeper. The only instance where the 100th goal came from a penalty.

#1 Brasil

Of course, What records without Brazil atop? Brazil is the first team to score 100 goals in a World Cup. Alike Germany, They are the teams who inaugurated the club and have moved on to 200 or plus club.

Brazil’s goal came as Pele. In 1970 final against Italy, Pele struck the very first goal of the match. The young man headed Rivellini’s cross past Enrico Albertosi. The legendary figure not only took a lead in the game but also created Brazil’s century goal in FIFA World Cup.

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