How to use the new Clutch Mute feature in Valorant

This feature will allow the players to mute their teammates

mute feature in Valorant
clutch mute feature

The creators of Valorant introduce new features in the game periodically to enhance the player’s in-game experience. Valorant has also come up with a new patch update. The best addition to this patch will be the introduction of a new feature which is the Clutch Mute feature. This new clutch mute feature in valorant allows the players to temporarily mass-mute their teammates to focus more while playing the game. Players do have this privilege before but now they can do it by just using a single key inside the game. They can also unmute their teammates again when needed. So, today we are going to tell you how to use this feature in the new patch 4.11 update of the game.

mute feature in Valorant

How to use the new Clutch Mute feature in Valorant

Steps to enable this new feature

1 . First go to settings (Esc) > controls > Communication

2. Then set keybinds for party and team voice clutch mute keys.

3. After that press the keybind while in-game toggle ON the party and/or Team voice clutch mute and then again toggle it OFF.

Finally, when it is all set up, you can toggle the mute feature at any time during the match when you hit the assigned keybind. An icon will also appear on the screen, so you will know when it’s enabled.

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Players of Valorant often complain about the in-game noise from random teammates or sometimes from their friends as well. It is quite frustrating for the players to listen to these noises while playing as they can’t focus properly on the game. So, with the new patch update, Valorant has tried to end this problem by adding a new Clutch Mute feature. This feature will surely help players to focus on their game rather than the irrelevant noises.

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