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How to Get League Medals in Clash Of Clans League

Here is your guide to win exclusive goodies from the League Shop in the Clash of Clans League.

Sometimes building villages, leading raids and expanding clans can be a limiting gaming experience in the 2012 hit game- The Clash of Clans League. There is definitely more to be unlocked through expensive gears and items that can alter the user’s experience of the game altogether. The only way to acquire them in the game are by achieving the prestigious- League Medals. Let’s see how to get League Medals in Clash of Clans League.

How to Get League Medals

The League Medals act as currency with which users can purchase items or gears to enhance their gaming experience. The method by which one can achieve this is by taking part in Clan War Leagues and Champion War Leagues. It can also be attained if the clan of the respective user performs well in general.

The position they secure after taking part in the League during the end of the season and the type of Leagues that they play determines the basis of the medals achieved. They medals can be redeemed in the League Shop for some of the most exclusive items in the game. Also read: Netizens shocked one of the most prolific twitter account for video gaming news, Nibel quits twitter

How To Join A League

Once the season begins, the players are required to apply during the league sign up period to join the Championship games. After pressing the Gold Clan Wars button, the user should follow the instruction provided. Following the instructions, the user can join the Clan League War matches.

Rewards include participation as well, 20% of a League Medal Placement reward just for taking part without attacking any enemies. A full placement reward, however, can only be attained by earning eight War Stars.

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The chart below contains the number of League Medals you can get by winning in different Clan War Leagues:

League/Clan Position >Winner of the group2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th
Bronze III3432302826242220
Bronze II4644424038363432
Bronze I5856545250484644
Silver III7673706764615855
Silver II9491888582797673
Silver I112109106103100979491
Gold III136132128124120116112108
Gold II160156152148144140136132
Gold I184180176172168164160156
Crystal III214209204199194189184179
Crystal II244239234229224219214209
Crystal I274269264259254249244239
Master III310304298292286280274268
Master II346340334328322316310304
Master I382376370364358352346340
Champion III424417410403396389382375
Champion II466459452445438431424417
Champion I508501494487480473466459

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A top position in the Clan War games and the placement of the user’s group within the League is the determining factor to the medals. The more the user plays, the more the chance to hit the top position and win medals to unlock goodies.

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