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Use these images for BGMI Montage videos.

BGMI Montage Thumbnail images
BGMI Montage Thumbnail

As you all know in India, BGMI is one of the most popular games. Many players today are creating gaming content and posting it to social media, and they are looking for BGMI HD Thumbnail images to do so. So, in this article, we will share with you the best and most high-quality BGMI montage thumbnail images.

What is a BGMI Montage?

A BGMI Montage is a video that contains a 1080p BGMI thumbnail montage of high-quality still images that have been creatively arranged. A BGMI Montage can be used to showcase your photography skills, video editing skills, or simply to showcase your distinct style.

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High-Quality BGMI Montage Thumbnail Images

Here are some of the best BGMI Montage Thumbnail Images.

1: BGMI Montage Thumbnail 1

BGMI Montage Thumbnail images

2: BGMI Montage Thumbnail 2

BGMI Montage Thumbnail Images

3: BGMI Montage Thumbnail 3

BGMI Montage Thumbnail images

How to add text on Thumbnails?

It is very simple to add Text to Thumbnail Images. You must open the Thumbnail in an image editor such as PhotoShop or Illustrator on a PC, or Picsart on a mobile device. The option to add text will then be available. Create your text. Give the test the color of your choice and adjust the position as needed.

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Steps to add Images to Your Live Stream BGMI Thumbnail

1: To add an image to your thumbnail, first locate the image file you want to use.

2: Open the image in a program like Photoshop or GIMP.

3: Copy the image and paste it into your thumbnail document.

4: Resize the image and adjust the alignment as necessary.

5: Select “paste” and make any necessary changes to the layout.

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