Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Tournaments Point system

Esports is expanding rapidly in India.

Tournaments point system
BGMI Tournaments point system

Krafton’s BGMI is one of the popular games in India. Because the BattleGrounds Mobile India game is only available in India, we will discuss the BGMI tournaments Point System. Competitive matches have become more common since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Every month, there comes new BGMI tournaments for gamers and official BGMI teams. Esports is rapidly expanding in India. After the release of BGMI, the game received over 50 million downloads on the play store. The point system for BGMI was different in the beginning but recently it has been changed by the developers of the game. So, today we will discuss the new point system in BGMI.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Tournaments Point system

Tournaments point system

A new points system has been set by BGMI for the tournaments giving more importance to the finishing points. Previously, the team that took the chicken dinner received 20 points, but now the team that takes the chicken dinner receives 15 points.

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BGMI Tournaments New Point System

In the BGMI, there are two types of points: position points and finish/kill points. Apart from that, there are no bonus points in BGMI.

115 Points
212 Points
310 Points
48 Points
56 Points
64 Points
72 Points
8-121 Point
13-160 Points

Every finish secured in the game earns the team one point. So, in the game, both placement and finish are important. Finish Points are Very Important After the New Points System. So, teams must secure more finishes and placement points to win the tournaments.

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