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15th Aug in Cricket History: MS Dhoni’s retirement made whole India cry on this day

The legendary era of MS Dhoni comes to an end when MS Dhoni’s retirement news came into the cricket world:

One Instagram post made the entire nation emotional, it brought an end to a certain era. The era of joy, the era of World Cup victory, the era of long hairs, and the era of helicopter shot, the era of MS Dhoni. On Independence day in 2020, MS Dhoni’s retirement news made the whole world cry.

Mai Pal Do Pal Kaa Shaayar Hun

Pal Do Pal Meri Kahaani Hai,

Pal Do Pal Meri Hasti Hai,

Pal Do Pal Meri Javaani Hai…..

Many would have already got an idea of this coming. But still, it made everyone emotional.

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MS Dhoni’s aura was different from any other cricket player

Any great cricketer would have waited for the pandemic to end so that he could announce his retirement and could play a farewell match. But MS Dhoni has always been in a different league, away from the limelight, away from the glamour. The people became his devotees just because of his down-to-earth attitude. He has a mysterious aura that automatically puts a smile on people’s faces.

MS Dhoni: A very down-to-earth person

The song in the video epitomizes his approach towards life. He thinks he hasn’t done any legendary work, he did the work which he was supposed to do and now it’s all over.  Eventually, this is the approach that makes him the best and the most loved one.

The video included photographs of victories, joy, funny moments, and also some dull moments which made him even tougher.

MS Dhoni’s retirement left a legacy behind which everyone is still enjoying 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not just a name but it is an emotion, the emotion of the entire country. His friend, Suresh Raina became emotional too and announced his retirement also. Well, that’s the legacy MS Dhoni has left behind. 

Hats off to this great man and we wish him well for the future.

Thank You, MS! 

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