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Who is George Kittle Wife? Know all about Claire Kittle

As per the reports, the couple doesn't have any kids as of now.

George Kittle is an acclaimed NFL player. Picked in the 2017 NFL drafts, Kittle plays for the San Francisco 49ers in the league. In numbered years, Kittle has registered his name among the best tight ends in the NFL. With three Superbowl appearances already made, Kittle sits at the top of his game at this moment. And personally, Kittle is receiving all the support from his better half in this journey. Read along to find out who’s George Kittle Wife is. Know everything about Claire Kittle along with her Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Instagram, and Love Story.

Who’s George Kittle’s Wife, Claire Kittle?

Claire Kittle is the wife of George Kittle. Born in Dubuque, Iowa, Claire attended the same university as George. However, before that, as she attended Wahlert High School, she registered her name among the top athletes. Claire was an active athlete who performed for the Basketball and track teams. She went on to clinch the rank of third all-time leading scorer in Wahlert’s record books with 1,011 points.

Moving on, she attended the University of Iowa, where she graduated in health and human physiology. Moreover, she continued to play basketball in college as well as she juggled between working, studying, and basketball. As of now, she’s reported to own a fitness company called Claire Till Fitness. Additionally, she’s also a certified fitness trainer at Anytime Fitness. Also Read: Who is Tom Brady wife? Know all about Gisele Bundchen

How did George Kittle and Claire Kittle meet?

At the University of Iowa in 2012, while they were both freshmen, Claire and George first met. When George and his roommate spotted Claire in the parking lot, they were both waiting outside of their dorm. However, the tight end claimed that it wasn’t really love at first sight. When I first saw her, I thought, “Goddamn, who is that? ” George mentioned this in his 2018 video proposal. ‘Oh, that’s Claire,’ he said. In fact, one of my pals calls her a complete b—-.

But George insisted that he needed to “find out for me,” so he approached her and made a remark about her vivid pink moped helmet. After that, the football player was in the “friend zone” for the following eight months before the two started dating.

George Kittle and Claire Kittle Marriage

In 2018, near Santa Cruz, California’s Twin Lakes State Beach, George proposed to Claire after several years of dating. On April 9, 2019, the pair exchanged vows, and they ultimately eloped! Fans discovered a wedding registration in their names with a date of March 27, 2020, and it appears the couple is eager to wed!

Claire Kittle Age, Height, and Weight

Claire Kittle, originally Claire Colette, was born on May 24, 1994. She is currently 28 years old and stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is mentioned to be around 55 kg. Also Read: Who is Spencer Webb Girlfriend? Know all about Kelly Kay

Do George Kittle and Claire Kittle have Kids

As per the reports, the couple doesn’t have any kids as of now.

Claire Kittle Instagram Handle

Claire Kittle is active and quite popular on social media platforms. She has around 122k followers on her @clairekittle account.

Claire Kittle Net Worth

There’s no information available about Claire’s reported net worth. However, according to some sources, she brings around $2 million of worth through her fitness company. Also Read: Who is Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend in 2022? Know all about Camila Kendra

All you need to know about George Kittle Wife, Claire Kittle

Full NameClaire Kittle
Height 5’7
Weight 55
Net Worth $2 million

FAQ About Claire Kittle

Q. Who is Claire Kittle?

Ans: All About Claire Kittle. George Kittle has found a teammate for life. The San Francisco 49ers tight end has been married to his wife Claire Kittle since 2019, whom he met as a freshman at the University of Iowa.

Q. Is Claire Kittle George Kittle’s wife?

Ans: The San Francisco 49ers tight end has been married to his wife Claire Kittle since 2019, whom he met as a freshman at the University of Iowa. The couple eloped after getting engaged in 2018 and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, during the NFL offseason.

Q. What does Claire Kittle do?

Ans: Claire was a college basketball player

After graduating, she’s continued her passion for physical fitness. She owns her own fitness business and has worked as a personal trainer and health and wellness specialist, according to her LinkedIn.

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