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Top 5: Youngest Chess players to win the title of Grandmaster

Chess has been a competitive game for a while now. The prestigious title of Grandmaster is only earned by those that are phenomenal in their game. The Grandmaster title is the highest title in chess other than that of the world champion. To qualify for Grandmaster a player must have a classical or standard FIDE rating of 2500. They must also earn three grandmaster norms in international competitions. This article looks at the youngest chess players to have earned the title of Grandmaster. Read on to find out more. 

5) Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu

Praggnanandhaa got the Grandmaster title at the age of 12 years, 10 months and 13 days. Praggnanandhaa first burst became known at for winning the continental (Asian) championships and two world championship titles. He was also the youngest international master in the world at the age of 10. In October 2019, he won the World Youth Championships again for the under-18 section. He also became the second-youngest ever person to achieve a rating of 2600.

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4) Javokhir Sindarov

Javokhir Sindarov earned his Grandmaster title in 2019 at the age of 12. He is also the first player since Karjakin to reach the title before he turned 13. He earned his three norms in 2018, with the Alekhine Memorial, the FIDE World Junior Championship and the First Saturday Tournament. He also earned the International Master title in 2017. At the World Junior Chess Championship, he came in second place and saw his FIDE ranking rise to 2500. When he became Grandmaster, for a few moments he was the second youngest Grandmaster in history. 

3) Gukesh Dommaraju 

Gujral Dommnaraju earned his Grandmaster title at the age of 12. He won the Under-9 Asian School Chess Championship in 2015 and the World Youth Chess Championship in 2018 in the Under-12 section. He scored his third Grandmaster norm in the 17th Delhi International Chess Grandmaster Open. He is still India’s youngest player to become Grandmaster. 

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2) Sergey Karjakin 

Sergey Karjakin head the record for being the youngest ever person to be awarded the Grandmaster title for 19 years. He learnt chess at the age of 5 and by the age of 11 he became an international master. Karjakin has represented Russia with pride and has won the individual gold at the Chess Olympiad in 2010. He has also won team gold with Russia at the World Team Chess Championships in 2013 and in 2019.

1) Abhimanyu Mishra 

Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest international master in 2019 at the age of 10. He then earned his grandmaster title in 2021 at the exact age of 12 years, four months and 25 days old. His record remains unbroken. He also broke the record for the youngest expert at the age of 7 breaking the United States Chess Federation record. He has received a lot of praise in the world of chess for his phenomenal abilities. 

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