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How to become a Chess Grandmaster?

In order to get the Grandmaster title, a player must reach 3 GM-Norms

Becoming a chess Grandmaster is one of the biggest accomplishments in the world of competitive chess. This title is awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE). This title is the highest recognition in chess apart from becoming the World Chess Champion. There is a separate Woman Grandmaster with lower requirements, however, the Grandmaster title can be given to both men and women. In order to get the Grandmaster title, a player must reach 3 GM-Norms (with some expectations).

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How to achieve a GM-norm? 

  1. The person competing must have played a minimum of nine games in an internationally rated tournament. 
  2. Half of the player’s opponents (50%) have to be titled players. 
  3. ⅓ (with a minimum of three) opponents have to be Grandmasters. 
  4. The minimum rating of player’s opponents has to be 2380. 
  5. The player has to compete with atleast two players that are not from his own chess federation. 
  6. The Performance Rating of the player has to be a minimum of 2600. 

All of the above are ways to secure 1 GM- norm. A player must have atleast three to secure the title of Grandmaster. 

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Tips to achieve the Grandmaster title:

  1. Calculation skills: A player needs to be able to calculate every move in chess. It is followed step by step and has a concrete base. Hence to be able to play at a high level, players need to have very good calculation skills. 
  2. Focus: Chess requires immense concentration. There needs to be a dedicated focus on the game throughout. If a player misses out on even one tiny move, that may lead to their downfall.
  3. Opening Preparation: In order to master openings, a player needs to memorize a lot of theory. Hence it is important to keep in mind that openings are key in chess. The right opening may decide the fate of a game. 
  4. Endgame: The player needs to be familiar with a lot of theory to have a good endgame strategy. This is necessary to finish the game.
  5. Mental Strength: Chess can be a very hard game if it is not followed through with a strong mental approach. The player must be able to hold their fort without giving away too much. This requires a lot of psychological preparation and strength. 
  6. Money: Playing any competitive activity is expensive. The same applies for chess. In order to prepare for competitions and sustain a healthy attitude, a source of funding is required. 

These are all the ways in which one can become a Chess Grandmaster. 

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