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WWE Talent Meeting Addresses The Gloomy Return Of Vince McMahon

Fightful reported that the WWE has recently held employee and talent meetings to address the elephant in the room – the controversial return of Vince McMahon.

The Final Say Lies With Vince McMahon

An employee meeting was scheduled and led by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Frank Riddick. WWE employees were told that Vince McMahon, being the controlling shareholder, has returned to the company to pursue a sale of it. Selling of media rights is on the itinerary as well. But it was clarified that it will be McMahon who will have the final say over such matter.

There was no provisions of questions during the meetings. Employees were further informed that a sale of the company is not definite. The WWE becoming a private entity would reportedly be a ‘huge positive’ for the company.

It was re-iterated by WWE authorities that the day-to-day functioning of the Board of Directors wouldn’t change despite Vince McMahon’s return. Also Read: Breaking: Vince McMahon Sued By WWE Shareholder

RAW Talent Meeting Pacifies Concerns

A RAW talent meeting took place before the January 16th edition of WWE RAW. Triple H led the talent meeting. He re-assured the talent that he is definitely still leading Creative for the WWE despite McMahon’s return to the company.

A panic stricken backstage feared that the return of Vince McMahon to the company equated to a McMahon heading Creative for the WWE again. The WWE product and weekly content has drastically improved ever-since Triple H took over Creative. Backstage morale was additionally reported to be much more positive post-McMahon’s exit from the company.

Vince McMahon had retired as the Chairman of the WWE in 2022 after a Wall Street Journal investigation alleged that the 77-year-old had paid millions of dollars to silence various women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

He recently made a return to the WWE and has been re-instated as the Chairman of the WWE Board of Directors. Prior to this, the Board of Directors had unanimously voted against the return of Vince to the company.

Stephanie McMahon has since resigned as co-CEO of the WWE. Also Read: Could WWE RAW 30th Anniversary Show Set Up The Rock Versus Roman Reigns?

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