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Wimbledon and Robinsons end partnership after 86 years ahead of the championship

One of Wimbledon's rich historical partner closes deal mutually with the Tennis Club after 86 years.

Wimbledon and Robinsons fruit cordial have concluded their 86-year partnership. Announced prior to the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, which began on Monday in southwest London.

The association between the soft drink brand and the venue of the world’s most prestigious lawn tennis championship dates back to 1935. The singles titles were won that year by Britain’s Fred Perry and America’s Helen Moody. Squash became the official soft drink provider for the championships.

Prior to the agreement, Smedley Hodgson introduced Robinsons Barley Water in players’ locker rooms in the 1930s. After creating a “refreshing and hydrating drink” by blending barley crystals with real lemon juice and sugar.

Statements provided by Wimbledon Tennis Club and Robinsons

After their ‘mutual agreement’ to end their contract the London based Tennis club gave a closing statement.

“We are tremendously proud of the historic association with Robinsons over so many years, and thank them for the wider role they have played in supporting Wimbledon and tennis across the UK.”

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Whereas, Robinsons quoted on the split as well, “tremendously proud to have been such a prominent partner to this historic tournament for so many years and the wider role we have played in boosting engagement with the game of tennis in the UK”.

The Robinsons wanted to engage with a wider consumer target. In another statement they mentioned that they were hoping to “broaden their summertime reach to beyond the Wimbledon fortnight”.

Robinsons with its ther partnerships

Britvic confirmed Robinsons as a 3 year sponsor of The Hundred, cricket’s 100-ball competition, beginning the 2022 season.

Robinsons Lemon Barley Water received a royal licence from The Queen in 1955, two decades after making its premiere on centre court.

In 1823, Mr Matthias Robinson created Robinsons Patent Barley and Barley Groats, with both the fruit beverage commencing as a powder.

Robinsons’ departure from Wimbledon could mean a change in spectrum for the Tennis club in finding different sponsors.

Wimbledon with its multiple Sponsorships

Unlike practically most of the major sporting tournament in the world, the Wimbledon Championships have traditionally been highly prudish and modest in terms of sponsorships.

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Rolex, Slazenger, Evian, Ralph Lauren, HSBC, and Robinsons were only visible to all those who looked; advertising hoardings during the championships were never considered. Nothing conflicts with the brand’s colours of green, purple, and white.

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