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Carlos Alcaraz is surprised by his rise in the ATP rankings ahead of the US Open

After winning many ATP titles, Carlos Alcaraz, who was outside of the top 100 for more than a year, is currently ranked No. 6 in the world.

Carlos Alcaraz, who won two Masters 1000 titles earlier this year, has acknowledged that he is “a little surprised” by his quick ascent in the tennis rankings.

In May 2021, Alcaraz entered the top 100. A year later, he won the Miami Open and the Madrid Open on his way to the world No.6 ranking. He defeated Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal on his way to winning the Madrid Open, making him the first person to win back-to-back clay matches against both champions.

He was among the heavy favorites in the French Open in May. Although, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Alexander Zverev.

Carlos Alcaraz on his “fast” rise

When asked if his surge in the ATP rankings had shocked him, Alcaraz responded, “The truth is that a little, yes.”

“I have had surprising results this year, I did not expect to evolve as fast as I did, but I work for it.

“As I always say, hard work pays off, although in my case it was all a bit quick and surprising.”

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Carlos Alcaraz on being compared with the greats

When the 22-time Grand Slam singles champion retires, the 19-year-old, who has been juxtaposed to a young Rafael Nadal, might succeed him. Alcaraz has claimed that he only thinks about himself and disregards any expectations others have for him.

“I know what my goals are, I don’t think too much about the pressure that comes from outside. Always try to keep learning, keep adding experiences and always try to give my best version in each game. I feel that I play for myself, for my team and my family. I don’t focus on the expectations that people may have. Just push it away.”

Carlos Alcaraz enjoying his time playing Table Tennis.

Alcaraz’s comments on the upcoming ATP Finals in Turin

Alcaraz has a chance to participate in the ATP Finals in Turin, which run from November 13–20, thanks to his rapid climb in the men’s tennis world. The season-ending competition features the top eight male tennis players in the globe. Alcaraz is aiming for it before the US Open, which starts on August 29.

“It would be a good goal, but right now my thoughts are not on the ranking, but on reaching the ATP Finals in Turin at the end of the season.”

“For me, the ranking isn’t the most important thing right now, although I’m fighting to continue winning games and winning tournaments, as that is what will lead me to continue climbing.”

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