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“Not One of 82 Games,” Cassidy about the Winter Classic 2024.

It’s not one of 82 games. It’s a different feeling. It’s a different atmosphere. So, you should soak it all in,” says Bruce Cassidy

To Bruce, it’s not just a regular season game. It’s an experience. One where he could potentially set an NHL record. To Seattle, it’s a first time feeling. Winter Classic 2024, isn’t the same as previous years, it’s more than a game.

Cassidy calls for fun and enjoyment alongside the sporty nature. He sure wants the two points. “It’s going to take you back to when you’re 8, 10, 12 years old, right?”

“You’re just outside playing hockey. Obviously, there’s a game involved. There’s two points involved. But that’s the part that they should sort of look back and reminisce.”

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The defending champ Jack Eichel says, “It’s something that I think everyone’s looking forward to. A lot of energy. Everyone’s in a good mood. It’s a family skate tomorrow. You know, it’s all part of it. It’s all stuff that we should enjoy as a group, and I think we’ve been doing a good job of that.” Eichel has previously booted up once for Sabres in 2018.

Pieterangelo is also pumped up for this outdoor event. Sure, he has played a Winter Classic in 2017. But, this time around it’s different. He reminds that his kids are older which translates to more memory. He says, “They (his children) got it. They woke up this morning and said, ‘We’re going to Seattle,’ so you know they’re at the point where they get it. The kids are bringing their skates, so for them, it’s a cool opportunity to skate around with dad.”


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