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Troy Aikman Net Worth, Career Earnings, Endorsements, House, Charities and More

Aikman, reportedly, earns $7.5 million annually as a sports commentator.

Troy Aikman has witnessed an immensely successful 12-season run in the NFL. One of the most skilled quarterbacks entered the league through Dallas Cowboys in 1998. The Cowboys saw three Superbowl wins with Aikman on their side, who became the Superbowl MVP in 1992. Aikman was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 following his retirement in 2001. Aikman swiftly transitioned his career as a sports commentator after his NBA retirement. He’s currently with ESPN after several years with the Fox Network. Along with his professional journey, let’s know everything about Troy Aikman Net Worth along with Career Earnings, Endorsements, House, and Charities.

Troy Aikman Net Worth

Troy Aikman has a net worth of $65 million currently. His transition to the profession of a sports commentator after pursuing an illustrious playing career in the NFL has performed perfectly for his net worth.

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Troy Aikman Career Earning

Aikman received $27.4 million as his highest salary in NFL rounded off with $17.85 million in bonuses. He signed an $80 million worth 8-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys that came with $11 million as the signing bonus. The deal brought up his worth as the highest-paid athlete in 1993.

In his current venture, Aikman, reportedly, earns $7.5 million annually as a sports commentator. Moreover, his latest deal with the broadcasting giant ESPN is set to earn $17 million annually in salary for Aikman.

Troy Aikman Brand Endorsements

Being the ultimate successful player and personality in sports, Aikman has clinched many valuable endorsement deals. The brand endorsements by Aikman include Nike, Acme Bricks, Rent-A-Center, Silvercar, IDLife, and Wingstop.

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Troy Aikman House

Aikman bought a French Normandy-styled mansion in 2013 for $4.5 million. The three-storied house has six bedrooms with added luxuries like a home theatre, a wine cellar, a pool, and a spa. Aikman, however, listed the 10,700 sq. ft. property in the market for sale in 2015.

Troy Aikman Charity

Troy Aikman founded the Troy Aikman Foundation. The foundation actively raises funds and puts the fund into the cause of building children’s hospitals.

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