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Insider: What happened between Britney Spears and Victor Wembanyama

The 2023 First Overall Draft Pick and San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama and 41-year-old pop singer Britney Spears are reportedly embroiled in a very nasty scandal. One of Victor Wembanyama’s security detail team are said to have backhanded the “Baby, One More Time” singer. The duo has taken their stories after the incident took place on Wednesday night.

Spears said that the security detail, who was revealed to be Damian Smith by TMZ, backhanded her as she approached the 19-year-old Victor to congratulate on his success. She added that she cannot comprehend what happened to her in Vegas and expects an apology from the NBA rookie.

Victor, on the other hand, added that it was not a tap but a grab by Spears. He walked straight without much bothering as he didn’t even know that it was Spears. He accepted that the security pushed her and he doesn’t know the force with which they pushed. Also Read: Super Bowl Winners List by Each Years: 1967-2023

TMZ, who reported the issue first, said that Damian Smith has apologised to Britney Spears and she accepted the apology. In addition, the tabloid reported that the investigation pulled up the videos from the scene. According to TMZ, The Video apparently reveals that the security did indeed push her but it was Spears’ own hand which hit her.

The LVPD in a statement to Daily Beast said that they summoned to the scene and conducted a battery investigation. Nevertheless, no arrests haven’t been issued. Britney Spears, in her statement also thanked the police for their support.

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