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Why it isn’t okay to have a race in an anti-LGBTQ country anymore? — LGBTQ Rights in Hungary

Formula One and Motorsports are not just about racing nowadays. As haunting as it may sound Formula 1 has become a brand. However, it has also become a voice to the voice less. It has the power to rewrite the narrative and bring a change. Eastern Europe is pretty harsh on homosexuality, and transsexuality and is super conservative. LGBTQ rights in Hungary are pretty much on paper.

Last Year, F1 reprimanded Vettel and three others for not removing the pro-LGBTQ shirts before the anthem. Shirts irked them. So, what will happen if a gay driver actually races. Will they reprimand them too? Throw them out?

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LGBTQ Rights in Hungary- Recent Developments

Hungary does not ban homosexuality in males or females. However, ever since the recent party elections things have taken a lot worse. The sporting world scorns the recent advancements in Hungary

The Hungarian ban on young people’s access to LGBTQ information is a component of a larger “Anti-Pedophilia Act,” which was initially intended to strengthen the consequences for child abuse. However, the Hungarian parliament passed the measure with further changes in June of last year, including a ban on media material and sex education. The law prohibits the “display or promotion” of homosexuality or gender reassignment in educational material or TV shows for people under 18.

Racing Pride and The necessary change required

Racing Pride is an up-and-coming organization equivalent to Rainbow Laces. Set up by Richard Morris, The organization intends to remove the unwanted barriers for gay drivers. He has frequently talked about how it was hard for him to come up in the sport. Morris was told he did not belong in the community. He received little to no appreciation for his wins. What will happen if somebody treated us like that? Like we do not belong.

The 21st century is should be the beginning of a change. It is very much disheartening that a gay driver has never participated in the same. Of course, We remember Sebastian Vettel saying that F1 is finally ready for a gay driver. If that happens, will they be able to race in Hungary or the Middle Eastern circuits? Security, safety, and Privacy of every driver should be a priority.

Rainbow Washing seems to have affected F1 too. At the end of the day, the pinnacle of motorsport is the same as many others. The enthusiasm of June seems to vanish as the months move forward. The LGBTQ Rights in Hungary are pretty demeaning and it is not okay for F1 to support the movement.

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