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FIA mandates the Helmet Camera for ALL 20 Formula 1 drivers

All twenty Formula 1 drivers on the grid will be mandated to drive with the recently introduced helmet camera.

Technological Regulations Updated To Accommodate The Helmet Camera

We got the first glimpse of the helmet camera in Formula 1 when Fernando Alonso wore one during a practice session in the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix. The camera provided a unique viewing experience for the audience. The innovative camera provides an eye-level and innovative viewing angle similar to that of the driver’s own perspective. It grants a surreal real-life viewing experience with the raw pace of a Formula 1 car transmitting through the footage. Only a select few drivers had the helmet camera last season. The helmet camera ended up striking a chord with many viewers.

In a statement from August 2022, the FIA confirmed that the 2024 technological regulations would be updated to make room for the technological innovation for all twenty drivers. The FIA stated, “Following the trialing of the latest generation of helmet cameras over recent events, they have proved to be a great success, generating significant positive feedback from fans as a valuable addition to the broadcast of grand prix.”

Therefore, it was proposed and unanimously approved to update the 2024 technical regulations, mandating the use of these helmet cameras for all drivers from 2024 onwards,” the FIA added.

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Technological Innovation Done Right

Video footage from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc’s helmet camera of a Monaco lap last year had additionally gone viral. There were times when the F1 audience felt the absence of the aforementioned camera. Especially, when Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso had a picturesque last-lap battle to the chequered flag, and was only separated by 0.011 seconds at Suzuka. Unfortunately, the F1 broadcast did not pick up on it. In such instances, the helmet camera footage would become beneficial.

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The Driver’s Eye Officially Arrives At Formula 1

A technological provider for the helmet camera has now finally been confirmed. Racing Force Group shall provide the ‘The Driver’s Eye’. A statement was released earlier today.

It stated, “Racing Force Group and Formula 1 entered today into an agreement for the use of the helmet camera technology in the 2024 Formula 1 world championship.”

The Driver’s Eye is a micro-camera, weighing 1.43g and a size of 8mm.

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