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Jack Wolff meeting drivers is everything Internet needs today

Toto Wolff had a bring your child to work day on Sunday. The Mercedes Boss brought his son Jack Wolff to the paddock today. The fifty-year-old Billionaire tagged along his son to meet the Formula One drivers.


Toto Wolff was born as Torger Christian Wolff to a Polish mother and a Romanian father. His childhood was mixed with his father’s cancer diagnosis and the separation of his parents. He joined Motorsports in 1992 driving in multiple racing competitions.

He bought his first share in 2009. The quinquagenarian became the executive director of Williams in 2012. He subsequently bought the shares of Mercedes and gained several crores. The Austrian has seen over 60% winning percentage since starting at Mercedes.

He married Suzie Wolff, a test driver at Mercedes in October 2011. Suzie is the Chief Executive Officer of Venturi Racing. They currently live in Monaco. In 2017 , Suzie announced the birth of Jack through her Twitter

Jack Wolff is one adorable five-year-old. He has brown hair with golden highlights which played ith his forehead. The adorable young man was clad in a white Ralph Lauren Hoodie and khaki cargo. Much more videos of the dad-son duo are out and honestly, I’m tugging at my heart

Watch this cute video of Toto realising Jack’s presence at the paddock

Toto has two more kids from past relationships. He had two kids with his ex-wife Stefanie. Their names were Benedict and Rosa Wolff. It seems like Toto is not allowed much to know about them. Therefore, the information about them is very less available.

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