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Hugo Boss to provide apparel for Aston Martin from 2024

German Brand Hugo Boss is making its way back into Formula One. The fashion company has signed a deal with Aston Martin to provide apparel till 2025.

The German luxury house often styled as BOSS announced on June 30 that they are coming back to F1. Hugo Boss is returning back after a hiatus of five years. The 98-year-old company left in 2017 when they left for Formula E series.

Daniel Grieder, CEO of Hugo Boss told Reuters that the popularity surge after Netflix Docu-Series “Drive To Survive” was a huge factor. He added that the competitive racing and push for sustainability were compelling factors. Grieder is known for making Tommy Hilfiger a success in Europe. In addition he distributed international brands such as Pepe Jeans, Stone Island and C.P. Company in Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe.

Another factor was a 30-year connection with Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, owner of Aston Martin. He made his fortune in the fashion business before buying the sports car brand made famous by fictional British spy James Bond.

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the key change that prompted a comeback was the sustainable future. F1 plans to go carbon-neutral by 2025. The motorsport brand is planning to introduce a sustainable fuel also. Drivers like Vettel have spoken against the pollution caused by him. The German is well aware of his hypocrisy and he wants to change that. Several engine makers are also aiming for a better future.

The induction of Hugo Boss will bring forward better outfits.

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