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The Las Vegas Grand Prix stands as one of the most disliked grand prix

A few years ago, in an interview, a few drivers were asked about their wishes for what Formula 1 should do in the upcoming seasons. The Australian racer, Daniel Ricciardo, quickly responded by saying, a race in Vegas. After years of playing and hard work, Formula 1 brought the Las Vegas Grand Prix to the 2023 season calendar. As soon as the introduction of the Vegas GP was out, fans went crazy, and it became one of the most anticipated races in ages. Surprisingly, the Las Vegas Grand Prix has failed to deliver the best experience to its fans as well as the drivers.

The reasons why Vegas is one of the most disliked Grand Prix

1. Tough racing conditions:

It was no surprise that the Vegas GP was going to be a night race, as the city always shines under the light. Well, the weather conditions in Vegas are too cold, as the temperature can go down to 10 degrees.

Even a few drivers have complained that the grip is quite low, that there is less tow, less drag, and various other factors. During the free practice session, a drainage cover opened and caused significant damage to Carlos Sainz’s car. Also, the pit lane exit has raised concerns. It has quite a bit less space and looks a lot more dangerous.

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2. Expensive tickets

Continuing with the drainage cover incident, the first practice session was canceled, and fans were sent back without refunds.

Even the price of a grand prix is around $2000, which is nearly five times the number of other grand prix in the F1 calendar. The Alpha Tauri driver, Daniel Riccardo, also addressed the same situation and said,

“I would love that a general admission ticket is affordable to anyone.”

Usually, fans find it difficult to pay the general ticket prices, and paying around $2000 is just an example of getting fooled by the FIA and authorities.

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3. Drivers not liking the Extra Circular activities

With all of these going on, multiple drivers haven’t liked the extra circular activities at Vegas. The 2023 Formula 1 champion, Max Verstappen, was the first and unhappiest person with it. He said,

“99% show and 1% sporting event.”

Later, he even compared Las Vegas to the Monaco Grand Prix, as both Grand Prix have similar track conditions. But he mentioned Vegas is quite worse and said,

“Monaco is the Champions League, and Vegas is like a National League.’

This clearly shows how unhappy he is with the Vegas Grand Prix. Not just Max, but other drivers too, aren’t happy with the Grand Prix.

Let’s hope that the upcoming Vegas GP hears what the fans and drivers are saying.

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Only Plus Point

The Vegas Sphere

The only thing that fans have liked about the Las Vegas Grand Prix is the sphere. The changing of emojis with multiple emojis following cars, planes in the sky, trains around, and many other things have just made fans fall in awe with it.

Not just emojis but also other cartoons and graphics just look amazing on the sphere.

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