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When can India Host The FIFA World Cup?

Many other nations are still waiting for their opportunity to get the rights to host the prominent tournament in their nation as well.

FIFA World Cup is one of the most prominent sporting tournaments in the world. People every four years wait for it to begin as for some people it comes as a season of festival. People across the globe assemble and support their respective countries during this period. Hosting a massive tournament like the FIFA World Cup is an achievement in itself and many nations have had the privilege of doing so such as Brazil in 2014, Russia in 2018, and Qatar in 2022. Many other nations are still waiting for their opportunity to get the rights to host the prominent tournament in their nation as well.

Becoming the host country has its advantages as you generate a lot of profit and popularity through the tournament as well as create an atmosphere of unity amongst the people in the country for the entire duration of the tournament. Apart from this, let’s talk about when can India host the FIFA World Cup.

When and How can India host the FIFA World Cup?

In October 2022, The President of FIFA Gianni Infantino and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi held a meeting to discuss the possibility of India hosting a FIFA World Cup and when it could be done. India has a long way to go but still To get the hosting rights, India has to do certain things precisely such as The country needs to update its stadium infrastructure to create a few more high-calibre venues that are capable of passing FIFA’s strict tests. To allow fans to travel across the vast country from match to match, they would also need to enhance travel infrastructure. India will also have to pass a three-stage bidding process to compete for and host the the largest sports tournament in the world.

FIFA evaluates bids from nations in three categories. The first category is the Compliance Assessment. The second category is the Risk Assessment and The third category is the Technical Evaluation Report. When a country gets green flags in all of these three categories then only they are allowed to host The FIFA World Cup.

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