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Serie A Locks Down: Clubs Barred from European Super League Participation

Serie A, the Italian football powerhouse, has laid down the law—no joining the European Super League

In a recent move, Serie A introduced a strict rule, slamming the door on its clubs’ participation in the controversial European Super League. This means no Italian teams will be hopping on board the revived project that stirred up buzz just last week.

According to the eagle-eyed football journalist Fabrizio Romano, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is dropping the hammer, forbidding clubs from venturing into any competition outside the realms of UEFA, FIFA, and FIGC.

And here’s the kicker: if any Italian club dares to defy this rule and joins the European Super League project, they’re getting the boot from Serie A starting the 2024/25 season.

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This ruling packs a punch, especially considering Juventus, a heavyweight in Italian football, was holding out as one of the last teams flirting with the European Super League. Alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Bianconeri hung tight even after the initial project crumbled in April 2021. Juventus only recently made it official by bidding farewell to the project this summer.

What’s the backdrop to this drama? Well, financially strapped Italian clubs saw the Super League as a potential lifeline for revenue. Reports even suggest that Inter Milan, perched at the top of the league and Champions League runners-up last season, is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

According to Il Giornale, only player sales have kept the club afloat, with the likes of Andre Onana and Marcelo Brozovic finding new homes.

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Even the Britishers aren’t any okay than the Azzuris

Across the English Channel, the British government isn’t messing around either. They’ve taken it up a notch, making it a legal no-go for British teams to dip their toes into breakaway competitions. This move will be steered by a fresh football regulator set to kick in come 2024.

In response to the legislation, a government spokesperson stated, “The attempt to create a breakaway competition was a defining moment in English football and was universally condemned by fans, clubs, and the Government.”

The government is doubling down on its commitment to preserving the integrity of the game, with legislation in the works to prevent clubs from entertaining ideas of future breakaway competitions.

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