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How Did Chelsea’s Managerial Instability Manage To Create a Project Of Failure

When Todd Boehly took ownership of Chelsea, fans’ expectations were up to the rooftop. The previous owner Roman Abramovich took Chelsea to new heights and made it a club that can compete with all the European standards. And players like Drogba, Hazard, Lampard, and Terry took it to other heights, the patience of the fans paid off and from 2003 to 2022, it was a tenure to remember. But the 2022-23 season saw a new boss in the director’s box in the Stanford Bridge. The success of Abramovich became the blueprint for Boehly.

From the sacking of Tuchel to the controversial hiring of Potter and this is where the fun begins. Potter was sacked after 6 months of managerial duties and Chelsea came back to the Man who has always been with them in the apocalypse, their own man- Frank Lampard. Firstly, Chelsea needs management stability, they need to stick to a manager and give them time. Tuchel was one of the best bets but a couple of bad games and he was out. Porter was probably not the man for the project as he lacked the big stage experience. 

And Lampard has always been their man for the crisis. We have already seen how he managed a young team when Chelsea was hit with a transfer ban and there was also the departure of Hazard. But he managed to use the resources fully and managed to record 44 wins out of the 84 matches that he managed. But he was never seen as the permanent option and as soon as the transfer ban was lifted, Chelsea was searching for new names and a new manager. Also, Read- A Kevin De Bruyne Brace Gives City the Upper Hand in Title Race.

Tuchel came to that equation at that very time. A UCL Final, and amazing domestic records, that was enough to make him the Blues’ manager. And he had a run to remember. Winning the UCL within 6 months, that is a special job. But he wanted to imply his footballing Philosophy to the players, and they revolted. He had a wonderful record, with a 60% winning rate, but for some off-field reasons, he and Chelsea parted ways. With some underwhelming hearts, Chelsea made room for Potter. 

32 games and managed to snatch 12 wins, that sounds abysmal and looks pathetic. He didn’t seem the right man for the project. His footballing Philosophy never aligned with the club’s philosophy. Though the players backed him as a manager, it was a partnership that never worked.

Then comes the second reign of Lampard, it has been a disaster, a hell’s reign probably. He didn’t even manage to win or draw a single game. Is he the man for the job? In the long term, he can figure things out. But the records don’t say the same. But if he is given enough time, he can prove himself. He knows the football of Chelsea better than anyone and can imply that. We have already seen him make some impact as a manager. Maybe that’s nostalgia, maybe that’s biased, but can we really eliminate emotions from football? Even if we try to do so, we will just have 22 players kicking a ball, that’s it.

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