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Relegation Battle is exciting for the premier league as the teams are fired up.

Initial news

With merely four games remaining, the Premier League era is about to finish. The EFL Championship is the new home of the Premier League’s bottom three teams. Accordingly, they must place first or second in the EFL Division to be eligible to play in the Premier League. This season, we witnessed a few underdog clubs go up against the league’s dominant squads. On the other side, the fans were shocked to find that several top clubs are competing to avoid being relegated. Southampton, Everton, and Nottingham Forest among others are currently in danger of being relegated.

Southampton FC

Southampton is in last place in the league with 24 points remaining. With just a few games remaining, there is little hope for the squad to escape the relegation zone, thus both the supporters and the players are already aware that their team will most certainly be relegated. Southampton placed 15th in the standings the previous year. Their next four games are against Liverpool, Brighton Hove & Albion, Fulham, and Nottingham Forest.

Everton FC

The fact that Everton is in position 19 surprised the supporters since they never imagined that their club would be battling to avoid the relegation zone. They may have declined as a result of the several managerial changes that took place throughout the season. Everton did not fare well in the previous season (2022) but still managed to remain in the top division of the Premier League. They came in at 16th in the standings, just avoiding relegation via four points. The teams they will face in their upcoming four games are Manchester City, Wolves, Bournemouth, and Brighton Hove & Albion. Also Read: Brighton beats Manchester United to keep their dreams alive in the pursuit of Champions League Football.

Exciting facts

The most thrilling aspect of the English League this season is the fact the three clubs, Leicester City (16th), Leeds United (17th), and Nottingham Forest (18th), all have 30 points and are in danger of finishing in the bottom two spots. Just four games are remaining for these three clubs, and it will be interesting to see which team advances and who drops into the relegation standings. Everton, who has 29 points, is also attempting to compete with these teams.

It appears that Leeds United’s performance from the previous season hasn’t changed. Leeds ended 17th in the standings last season, barely three points above the relegation zone. Leeds is once again in trouble this year and is in the same situation. The teams they still have to play are West Ham, Tottenham, Newcastle United, and Manchester City.

The winners of the 2016-17 Premier League tournament Leicester City, who placed eighth in the previous season (2022), are having difficulty cracking the top 10 this time around. The Foxes need to step up their game if they want to have a stronger season-ending performance as they currently sit in 16th place with four games remaining and 30 points on the board. They will face off with Fulham, Liverpool, Newcastle, and West Ham.

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