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Know All About White Card in Football

Catarina Campos showed the first-ever white card in football history.

Football is one of the most entertaining and one of the most followed sports around the whole world. The world of football has inspired many greats and witnessed many youngsters carry their legacy ahead. Many football fans have witnessed amazing rivalry between teams like Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona, Manchester City vs Manchester United, and many more. When it comes to such matches it is a strong competition moreover a card game too. Often several yellow and red cards are shown to various players for their unfair play in the game. But recently, during the Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica match in Portugal, a White card was shown, which led the fans amazed. So, we are here to let you Know All About White Card in Football. Also Read: Why Football’s First Ever White Card Shown by the Referee in Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica Clash?

Know All About White Card in Football

A White Card is one of the cards in football like the Yellow and Red Card but it has a completely different action from them. If a yellow card is shown it means, warning for player for his foul play and Free Kick or Penalty. When it comes to a red card means the player has violated the rules with unfair play and is out of the match leaving the team with 10 members. And Finally White Card, which means to promote fair play and sportsmanship. Also Read: <a>Who is Pablo Gavi Girlfriend? Know All About His Relationship Status</a>

During the Recent match of Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica in the Portugal Women’s Cup, Catarina Campos showed the first-ever white card in football history. It was shown because a fan in the stands fainted and was helpless during the situation. This meant that the medical staff of both teams are called to assist the fan with medical treatment.

The basic objective of White Card is to Promote Fair play and increase Sportsmanship. It was introduced as the football fans have shown disrespect to each other and converted them into disputes. So, FIFA introduced the White Card in Football to have better and fair gameplay. Also Read: <a>Who is Mason Mount Girlfriend? Know All About His Relationship Status</a>    

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