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Who are the possible replacements for Tunisia if banned from FIFA World Cup 2022?

Tunisia, the Eagles of Carthage, are facing a possible boot from the upcoming World Cup. The Tunisian Football Federation faces a warning from FIFA due to possible third-party influence from the government. FIFA statutes strictly ban any influence from any third party or government meddling or interfering in the activities of the football federations. Currently, Kenya and Zimbabwe are banned by FIFA under the same.

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Italy remains a possible contender!!!

Italy is the highest-ranked team in the World who is not participating in the upcoming tournament. The European nation has the resources to scrimmage a team in very short weeks better than other nations. Considering the very little time left for the tournament to begin, the Azzurri makes the most logic. However, if Italy replaces Tunisia, it will create a confederation problem. Tunisia joins France, Denmark, and Australia in Group D. Italy’s addition will make the group a European gang-up against Australia. FIFA prohibits three teams from the same confederation to be in one group.

Nigeria is the highestranked association in CAF

Yes, Nigeria is not playing in this World Cup and it is quite surprising. Nigeria is an active participant in FIFA, They have participated in six editions of the World Cup. They have named them as one of the fiercest players in African Football. The three-time African Cup of Nations champion failed to qualify for the World Cup. Nigeria topped their group in Second Round but lost to Ghana in the third round play-offs. Nigeria as the current top-ranked confederation in CAF is a possible replacement for the Tunisians.

Mali remains the third possibility

The CAF second-round group toppers qualified for the third round. Tunisia topped Group B while Mali topped Group E. In the third round, Tunisia defeated Mali in two legs to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Since that was the case, it is kinda see-saw that Sissoka might make it to the World Cup after all. The Les Angles have never participated in FIFA World Cup but alas, Their own goal slayed their hopes in the first leg. Now that there’s a chance in making it, Will They?

The final choice being no team replaces Tunisia and the group remains a three-member group. Well, “anything but interesting” is the word for Qatar. Toiled in controversy since 2010, The curse does not lift, not even when there are just three weeks.

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Mohammed Bazim
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