How to make Tool in Little Alchemy?

use these combinations to make tool in little alchemy.

how to make tool in little alchemy
tool in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is a quick and fun little game that our family has grown to enjoy. It’s one of the kid’s favorite games in the world. It may be difficult to see how you could make a Tool from the basic four elements. But we believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and are given clear direction. Because we believe in creating from the ground up, here are all of the steps for making Tool in Little Alchemy from the start.

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How to make Tool in Little Alchemy from the Start?

  1. Air and Water = Rain
  2. Earth and Rain = Plant
  3. Water and Earth = Mud
  4. Plant and Mud = Swamp
  5. Air and Fire = Energy
  6. Swamp and Energy = Life
  7. Earth and Life = Human
  8. Earth and Fire = Lava
  9. Air and Lava = Stone
  10. Fire and Stone = Metal
  11. Human and Metal = Tool

In Little Alchemy, the first seven steps to creating a tool are to create a human. Following that, we will work on making Metal which is the next three steps. In Little Alchemy, there is only one more step to creating a Tool.

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How to make Tool in Little Alchemy?

how to make tool in little alchemy

Assuming you’re already in the game:

Step 1: From the Elements panel, drag HUMAN onto the playing board.

Step 2 – From the Elements panel, choose METAL and drop it on the HUMAN you placed on the playing board in step 1.

Congratulations, You have successfully learned how to make a tool.

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