How to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily

Golden Guns will definitely look awesome in your inventory.

How to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily
How to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily

The Overwatch franchise’s golden guns are among the most impressive and sought-after cosmetics. These weapons demonstrate your knowledge of the hero in question. They also demonstrate your commitment to ranked play and your ability to compete in some of the series’ most intense battles. Even though all they do is turn a portion of your weapon into solid gold, they are nothing short of a status symbol. Thankfully, golden guns are returning in Overwatch 2. In the first game, players would have to spend a significant amount of time playing Competitive in order to earn the right to unlock a golden gun. The process is unchanged in Overwatch 2, but if you haven’t played the first game in a while or are new to the franchise, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about how to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily.

How to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily

How to get Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 Easily

Golden guns, like many other cosmetics such as skins and sprays, can be obtained from the Hero Gallery. They cannot, however, be purchased with legacy credits, Overwatch Coins, or real money. They can only be obtained by spending Competitive Points, which can only be obtained in, you guessed it, Competitive mode.

When you finish a Competitive match, you will receive a small amount of Competitive Points. You’ll earn more if you win, but you’ll also earn some if you lose or draw. These Competitive Points can then be used to purchase golden guns for each hero from the Hero Gallery menu. One golden gun costs 3,000 Competitive Points, which necessitates a significant amount of time spent playing the mode.

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Once you’ve accumulated enough points, go to the Hero Gallery and select your favorite hero. Then, at the bottom of the cosmetics list, select the Weapons tab. Choose Unlock after selecting Golden. You can then equip your new golden weapon like any other cosmetic item. To demonstrate their devotion to others, most players buy a golden gun for their favorite hero, their main, or the hero they play the best. Some heroes’ golden guns even come with additional changes: for example, purchasing Ashe’s golden gun turns B.O.B. solid gold.

It is not difficult to obtain a golden gun; it simply takes a long time. Best wishes, heroes!

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