How to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CS:GO

Don't let this error ruin your gameplay.

How to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CSGO
How to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CSGO

Nothing is more aggravating than patching or returning to a game only to have an error prevent you from playing. Returning CS:GO players or frequent players who try to log in right after a patch may encounter an error that reads: “VAC unable to verify.” If you see this message, don’t be alarmed; your account has not been banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC). It simply means that VAC was unable to communicate with your account and verify that the anti-cheat is functioning properly. It’s unclear why this occurs, but it can occur during server outages, after or during Steam or CS:GO maintenance, and a few other times. However, the failure of VAC to verify does not allow you to begin using cheats. Without verification, matches will not begin. So, let’s discuss how to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CS:GO

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How to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CS:GO

To begin, quit CS:GO and restart Steam. Check to see if there is a new update you are missing out on when Steam restarts. If not, go to your Steam library, right-click Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and select properties from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

How to fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CSGO

Next, select Local Files (the third tab on the right) and then Verify Game File Integrity. This should validate your files and start your game after a minute or two of loading. If everything goes as planned, “VAC unable to verify” should be gone for good.

fix ‘VAC unable to verify’ error in CSGO

To be on the safe side, restart Steam before loading up CS:GO again. If the error persists, reinstalling CS:GO is your next best option. It’s time-consuming and may take longer than you expected, but restarting CS:GO will ensure VAC is re-installed as well, which should resolve any remaining issues.

If both game file integrity verification and a fresh reinstallation of CS:GO fail, you may need to contact Valve about your account because something on Valve’s end may be interfering with your account’s ability to receive VAC verification.

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