Free Fire MAX Ranked Season 28 release date, time, and much more

The New FF season is gonna be epic

Free Fire max
Free Fire season 28

Free Fire Max is one of the fan’s favorite games around the world. The game offers various modes with clash squad and battle royale being two of the most prominent ones. Both modes come with their separate ranked seasons. However, players’ ranks are reset at the beginning of a new season. The battle royale mode in Free Fire is now in the midst of season 27 and will remain active for a few more days. However, as the end date of the ongoing season is coming near, fans are looking for details regarding the upcoming ranked season 28 of the mode. Today, we are going to tell you the release date, time, and much more information regarding the new season

Free Fire max

Free Fire MAX upcoming Season 28 Release date, time, and other details

The current season that is season 27 started in April and will continue until June 16. The good news is, that the highly anticipated season 28 will begin on the same day at about 2.30 pm IST. So, players do not have to wait much longer for the new season. Players can enjoy the Free Fire Max ranked season 28 after two weeks. The new season is gonna be epic.

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Moreover, the ranks of all the players will be reset at the beginning of the new season. Garena will demote players based on their rank in the previous season, that is season 27. Once the new Ranked Season 28 begins, players will have to push up their ranks and tiers once again. Besides, players will also be able to claim some new rewards in the upcoming Season 28.

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