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Who Is Arun Lal First Wife? Know All About Reena 

Arun Lal still lives together with his ex-wife, Reena to take care of her while she's sick. He is soon getting married for the second-time to his long-time girlfriend, Bul Bul Saha.

Arun Lal is a former Indian cricketer who played between 1982 and 1989 before he retired. Although, even after being a hardworking player, he wasn’t able to contribute much to the Indian Cricket Team through his gameplay. However. he did has the willpower inside of him which could be seen while he was performing or practicing with the team. Unfortunately, as he was not proving to be a great help in the team’s upgrading performance, he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in the year 1989. Currently, Arun Lal is the head coach of Bengal cricket team. Apart from his professional life, he has recently come into the spotlight for his interesting love story and personal life. In this article, we’ll provide some information regarding Arun Lal first wife Reena.

Who Is Arun Lal’s First Wife, Reena?

Reena is the former and first wife of Bengal’s head coach Arun Lal. They were together as a married couple for quite a long time. However, with the mutual consent of both the parties, the ex-couple decided to part ways from each other. As a matter of fact, their divorce was never based on any bitter reasons and they were always considerate about it with each other. According to sources, Arun Lal was living together with Reena even after their divorce. This is because, his first wife presently has poor health and is quite ill. Arun has been staying and taking care of her from all this time. 

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Arun Lal is getting married for the second time to his long-time girlfriend, Bul Bul Saha. She is currently 38 years old and has been in a relationship since pretty great years with her 66-year-old boyfriend, Arun Lal. They have never been discreet about it and always accepted their relationship openly. They tied the knot on the 2nd of May in 2022. Not to mention, the current head coach has even taken her ex-wife’s consent for his upcoming marriage. Also, Bul Bul in an interview said, she and her to-be husband will take care of Reena together after their marriage.

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