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Top 10 bowlers with most no-balls in IPL history

Sreesanth ranks at 2nd with 24 No Balls in his IPL Career

Top 10 bowlers with most no-balls in IPL history: Bowling a no-ball in any form of cricket is an unforgivable sin. The repercussion of this sin is terrifying in ODIs and especially in T20 cricket, as every run matters here. The consequences are even more hazardous to your team if the batter makes most of the free hit, which comes after a no-ball. We will look at the bowlers who have committed this crime the highest number of times in IPL history.

10. Shane Watson

Shane Watson, the all-rounder from Australia, ranks at number 10 in the list of bowlers with the most no-balls in IPL history. In 146 games, Shane has bowled 13 no-balls. Thirteen in 146 games seems okay as he stopped bowling in the last couple of years of IPL. He has taken retirement from all forms of the game.

9. Brett Lee

Brett Lee, another Australian cricketer, features here at number 9 amongst the bowlers with the number of no-balls in the IPL. He has bowled 13 no balls, and he has reached this number in just 38 games. He used to run at a high clip, had the jump at the crease, and this extra effort most of the time resulted in 13 no-balls.

8. Prasidh Krishna

Prasidh Krishna has been going through a wonderful time in his career. He has some good performances in IPL and has translated that form in International Cricket. However, he has something to work on as he steps over the popping crease quite frequently. In 34 IPL games, he has stepped over 14 times and sits at number 8 in the list of bowlers with the most no-balls in IPL.

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7. Ashok Dinda

Ashok Dinda had a magnificent career for Bengal state in Ranji Cricket. But T20 cricket rarely gave any success to him as he used to leak runs almost every time. He also had the habit of bowling no-balls while giving an extra effort to put runs under control. In total, he has 14 no balls in 78 matches.

6. Lasith Malinga

The name of Lasith Malinga in the list of bowlers with most IPL no-balls is a surprising one. Lasith had 18 no balls in 122 games. Though it is not advisable to take no-balls casually, Lasith could control the batters. So no-balls from him rarely caused any discomfort to him or his team.

5. Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav is at number 5 amongst the bowlers with most no-balls in the IPL. This Vidarbha Express has 19 no-balls in 121 games. Most of these could be waist-high no-balls, as Umesh has a small bowling stride at the popping crease. Umesh will play for KKR in the IPL 2022.

4. Ishant Shama

Ishant Sharma was the journeyman of IPL. He kept hopping from one team to the other. In 93 IPL games, Ishant has bowled 21 no-balls. It is quite difficult for a bowler like him to keep an eye on that. His extraordinary height plus the rhythm of bowling forced him to go beyond the popping crease. He went unsold for IPL 2022.

3. Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is the only spinner in this list of bowlers with the highest number of no-balls in IPL. To an extent, one could accept fast bowlers bowling no balls. But for a spinner, this is the most inexplicable thing that they can do onto the cricket pitch. Mishi Bhai has 21 no-balls in 154 games. Despite the 21 no-balls, he still remains the greatest bowler of IPL.

2. Sreesanth

Sreesanth could have had a terrific career as a fast bowler of India if certain things had not happened to him. He was a sensation during his playing days. In 44 IPL games, he has bowled 23 no balls, which is the 2nd highest in the history of IPL. Fast forward to 2022, he played for Kerala in Ranji and announced his retirement from the game.

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1. Jasprit Bumrah

We consider Jasprit Bumrah as the best fast bowler of this generation. However, he is yet to solve the mystery of not bowling no-balls. India had paid the prices of his no-balls in the past, and it seems as if he is now close to solving the mystery. Jasprit has bowled 27 no balls in 107 matches, which is the most by any IPL bowler in history.

Top 10 bowlers with most no-balls in IPL history (Consolidated Table Version)

1.Jasprit Bumrah10627
3.Amit Mishra15421
4.Ishant Sharma9321
5.Umesh Yadav12119
6.Lasith Malinga12218
7.Ashok Dinda7814
8.Prasidh Krishna3414
9.Brett Lee3813
10.Shane Watson14613
Top 10 bowlers with most no-balls in IPL history

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