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Only a few know that Bobby Lashley served in the US Armey at the Rank of Sergeant.

Franklin Roberto Lashley famously known as Bobby Lashley is a Professional Wrestler who competes in WWE. He is one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE and has always proven his dominance when it comes to matches. Only a few know that Bobby Lashley served in the US Armey at the Rank of Sergeant for three years and later in the year 2005, he made his debut in WWE. Well, he didn’t get many championship fights earlier and left WWE in 2008 and became an MMA Fighter. Again in the year 2018, he was re-signed by WWE Raw and became of the main wrestlers in the WWE Roasters. Well, the fighter once in the WWE Ring got married to Lana and had quite a lovely story leading to who is Bobby Lashley Wife. So, we will provide with Who is Bobby Lashley Wife? Know All About His Relationship Status.

Who is Bobby Lashley Wife?

Bobby Lashley is currently single or may have kept his relationship status private. He was married to Lana in the WWE Ring but it was a fake wedding and was only for entertainment purposes. Well, he was married to a WWE Wrestler Kristal Marshall in real but the marriage didn’t well as per their expectation. Currently, Bobby Lashley is Single or may have kept his Relationship Status Private. Also Read: Who is Edge Wife? Know all about Beth Phoenix

Bobby Lashley Rumoured Wife? Lana

During the Pandemic period in a WWE storyline, Bobby Lashley and Lana who is the wife of WWE Wrestler Miro aka Rusev got married. They even Kissed in the WWE ring leaving the fan with a lot of questions. Well, it was only for entertainment purposes and the rivalry between Rusev and Bobby Lashley. Also Read: Who is Seth Rollins Wife? Know all about Becky Lynch

Who is Bobby Lashley Ex-Wife? Kristal Marshall

Kristal Marshall is Bobby Lashley Ex-Wife who is a former WWE Wrestler. She and Bobby Lashley were in a relationship and got separated in the year 2010. They were in deep lovely with each other and had two children. They started dating each other in 2007 and the year 2008 they welcomed their first child Myles. Later in the year 2011 they became parents to their second child Naomi but were separated before welcoming their daughter. Also Read: Who is Sami Zayn Wife? Know all about Khadija Farhat   

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