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Why is Commonwealth Medal Tally dominated by Australia?

Birmingham: 936 Gold, 777 Silver, and 713 Bronze. Australia is undoubtedly the first name in Commonwealth Games. The sixth largest country has partcipated in all the 22 editions. Moreover, Australia has hosted five of them and led the medal’s tally in 13 of them. But, why is Commonwealth Medal Tally dominated by Australia.

Australia has area as well as huge population, and one of the first members

Australia is the largest nation or territory in the Commonwealth Games. The more area they have, more sports complexes and other utilites can be constructed. In terms of population, Australia is not very far behind. The country is the thirteenth largest in terms of people.

Australia along with Canada, New Zealand and South Africa is the first members of teh Commonwealth. The Aussies joined the Association in 1926 much before many other nations even gained independce. Being a Commonwealth and an early independence allowed Australia to grow in a quick pace.

Australia is one of the most wealthiest countries in the Commonwealth

Sports and its growth needs funding and immense money. Australia has that. In terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Australia is the fourth wealthiest nation in the Commonwealth of Nations behind India, UK and Canada. Breaking UK into four, Australia climbs to the third spot. More importantly, Australia is just behind Singapore (excluding territories Cayman Islands and Bermuda)in GDP per capita in the Commonwealth. Therefore, it is concluded that the nation has enough weaalth for the Commonwealth Medal Tally domination.

Huge Funds and Investment in Sporting

One of the key reasons why Commonwealth Medal tally dominated by Australia is the investment they make. The Federal Budget of 2022-2024 allocates a mjor proportion for the growth of sports in the island country. The budget alloactes funding for the major sporting events happening in teh future including Comm games in 2026.

The budget outlines $10.6 million to be allocated to the Paralympic Commitee to prep the team for Paris’2024. The scheme plans to extend the Sporting School Prograamme for two more years. Other notable plans in the budget includes $10.3 allocation to identify leaders and imporve thier qualities, $2.8 million for National Sport Injury Database among various others.

Australia dominates Swimming

If not anything else, Australia swims in gold. The Green and Gold literally have won seven hundred and thirty four medals in teh pools. The nation have 307 golds, 225 silvers and 202 bronzes just from Swimming. Interestingly, the medal tally of Aussies in Swimming is twice than the second placed England.

Australia is just second to United States in Swimming when it comes to Swimming. They have an ideal passion and fervor. In Paralympics, They aare placed fourth in overall medaal table. The domination of Swimming is what propels the nation forward. The Aussies are doing the same this year too.

We believe this are key factors that lead to the Commonwealth Medal Tally dominated by Australia. The interesting theory of Aussies rivalry against England is also a hot take. So is their sporting fervor and passion.

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