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Vikas Thakur biography, age, family background, achievements and many more

Vikas Thakur is a simple youngster from a typical family achieved great heights through persistent effort and faith in his abilities. Nothing could stand in his way as long as his family. Despite having few resources at his disposal, he succeeded in achieving glory. However, this is only the start of the journey. The golden peak is still ahead.

It hasn’t been a smooth sail, but a competent sailor wasn’t built on a calm sea, did it? He has gone through a lot of difficult moments. Vikas surmounted each challenge that life threw his way and grew stronger as a result. He is skilled with bronze and silver, but he has yet to master gold. Not for long, though! He is prepared to give it everything because he has his sights on the yellow metal.

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Vikas Thakur biography

Vikas Thakur, an Indian weightlifter from Ludhiana (Punjab), was born on November 14, 1993. His hometown is in Patnoun, Himachal Pradesh, India. Weight of Vikas is 84 kg. His coach is B. S. Medhwan.

Family Background of Vikas Thakur

He was motivated to seek a career in sports by his father. Vikas Thakur began lifting weights when he was just nine years old. Since then, his talent has been apparent. His father is a guard for the mail express for the Indian Railways at the moment. After his posting, the family relocated to Ludhiana more than thirty years ago.

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When Vikas was just starting out in his career, Parvesh Chander Sharma mentored and trained him. He works with the Ludhiana District Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Club. Patiala, Vijay Sharma and Sandeep Kumar are currently his coaches at the National Institute of Sports.

Achievements of Vikas Thakur

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, he won silver in the men’s 85 kg weight class. At the 2018 Commonwealth Games in The Gold Coast, he took home a bronze medal in the 94 kg weight division. In Birmingham, England, for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, he took home the silver medal in the men’s 96 kg competition.

Government Negligence towards Vikas Thakur

Thakur expressed his dissatisfaction about the lack of support from the government in an interview with the Times of India. Although the government announces a number of programmes and assistance measures, these don’t actually end up helping the players.

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“The government allots funds for players, however it does not reach them. It should identify the source of corruption. The government does not ask, and players do not raise their voice against it. Even if they raise their voice, nobody listens to them. I belong to a middle-class family, and my family supported me in all ways to make me reach this level. However, not all are fortunate enough to have the motivational and financial support of their families, which is why talent remains buried in Punjab.”

It is heartbreaking to witness gifted athletes lose out on opportunities because of a lack of support. Although Thakur was put in for the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award, he never heard anything more.


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