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Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva to extend his unbeaten run, calls out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez post match

Jake Paul defeated Brazilian boxer Silva to extend his unbeaten run. Post match, Paul also called out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez.

Jake Paul extended his unbeaten streak to six professional fights by dropping Anderson Silva on route to defeating the 47-year-old Brazilian by unanimous decision. Additionally, As the judges scored the boxer-turned-YouTuber 77-74, 78-73, and 78-73 after eight rounds, it was probably his best performance to yet. In the post fight interview, Jake Paul also called out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez.

Paul vs Silva: Match Highlights

The 47-year-old Brazilian, Silva was knocked out in the eighth round by American YouTube star-turned-boxer Paul, age 25. Also, In front of 14,000 spectators at the Desert Diamond Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, the judges gave Paul the victory with scores of 77-74, 78-73, and 78-73.

One of the best mixed martial artists of all time is thought to be Silva. Additionally, From 2006 to 2013, he held the middleweight title in the UFC, and his streak of 16 victories continues.

I want to say thank you to Anderson – he inspired me to be great. Without him, we wouldn’t have a fight this year. I have nothing but respect for him. I started boxing two and a half years ago and I’ve just beaten one of the best strikers ever.” — Jake Paul

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Jake Paul cals out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez

After defeating Anderson Silva, Jake Paul called out Nate Diaz and boxing legend Canelo Alvarez. Also, With Nate Diaz watching from the stands, the former UFC featherweight overcame a significant size disadvantage to defeat YouTube sensation “Doctor Mike” Varshavski by unanimous decision. By the time the opening bell for the fight between Paul and Silva rang, Diaz had already left the venue.

Since the beginning of the year, the bout between fan favourite Diaz and Jake Paul has been mentioned, and it is now more likely to happen because Diaz, who spent 15 years competing in the UFC, broke company with the organisation last month.

“Jake is for sure one of the options, he’s doing big stuff, he’s doing really big things and he’s got a big fight ahead of him and if he wins that I think people should surely be really impressed by it.” — Nate Diaz

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