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Who are Watt Brothers in NFL? Know All About JJ Watt, Derek Watt, and TJ Watt

The Watt brothers, specifically the trio of brothers play in the NFL.

There’s a whole generation of a family simultaneously playing in the NFL. Yes, you got it right, it’s the Watt brothers. JJ Watt, TJ Watt, and Derek Watt are brothers that currently play in the NFL. While JJ Watt and Derek play for the same team, Pittsburgh Steelers, their elder brother JJ Watt is with the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s get into the details about the majestic trio of the NFL.

Watt Brothers in NFL

The Watt brothers, specifically the trio of brothers play in the NFL. While they joined the league at different points in time, all of them now play simultaneously. JJ Watt, the elder of them all joined the league in 2011 as Houston Texans drafted him as their defensive end. And currently, he’s the key defensive player for the Arizona Cardinals.

Derek Watt followed later in 2016 being drafted as the running back by Angeles Chargers. A year, the trio was formed in NFL with TJ Watt joining Derek in the Pittsburgh Steelers as the linebacker. All of them graduated from the University of Wisconsin. As of now, the trio as well as the brothers individually have a prominent name in the league.

JJ Watt Biography

JJ Watt

Justin James Watt was born on March 22, 1989, to Connie Watt and John Watt. Motivated by his grandfather Jim Watt and his father, JJ extended his football interests to college as he attended the University of Wisconsin. Subsequently, he was drafted by the Houston Texans in the 2011 NFL Drafts. Now, nicknamed “sack master”, he’s a three-time winner of the Defensive Player of the Year title. Rated among the top defensive players in the NFL ever, he currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

All You Need to Know About JJ Watt

Full NameJustin James Watt
Date of Birth22 March 1989
Age33 years
Height6 ft 5 in
Weight131 kgs
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseKealia Watt
NFL TeamArizona Cardinals

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Derek Watt Biography

Derek Watt

Derek John Watt was born on November 7, 1992, and he attended Pewaukee High School. The Watt brothers were always backed by their grandfather and family to pursue their true passion. Ultimately, Derek joined the University of Wisconsin to continue his career in football. Playing there for four years, Derek was picked by Angeles Chargers in the NFL drafts of 2016. Now, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Derek is regarded as one of the most skilled running backs in the game.

All you need to know about Derek Watt

Full NameDerek John Watt
Date of Birth7 November 1992
Height6 ft 2 in
Weight106 kgs
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseGabriella Watt
NFL TeamPittsburgh Steelers

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TJ Watt Biography

TJ Watt

Trent Jordan Watt was born on October 11, 1994. Homing similar interests like his elder brothers, TJ followed football from a young age. Following in their footsteps, TJ joined the University of Wisconsin. Ultimately, TJ was picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2017 NFL Drafts. He’s a two-time winner of the AFC Defensive Player of the Week winner. TJ Watt is on top of many records despite a yet short career in the league.

All you need to know about TJ Watt

Full NameTrent Jordan Watt
Date of Birth11 October 1994
Age28 years
Height6 ft 4 in
Weight114 kgs
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseDani Rhodes
NFL TeamPittsburgh Steelers

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