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Novak Djokovic now set to play in US Open after USA confirms Covid rule changes

When American health officials recently relaxed nationwide coronavirus guidance for unvaccinated people two and a half weeks before the tournament, it significantly increased former world number one men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic chances of competing in the year’s final Grand Slam, the US Open.

The former No. 1 tennis player in the world was denied entry to the United States because she had not had the COVID-19 vaccine. Djokovic can now play in New York despite being “unvaccinated.”

USA Covid rule change allows Novak Djokovic to compete

The COVID standards have been modified by American authorities. They have made the decision to treat everyone equally, regardless of whether or not they have received the COVID vaccine. The winner of Wimbledon in 2022 will be able to compete in the year’s last Grand Slam starting on August 29 as a result.

The development has not yet been formally announced by the US Open organizers. However, it is now a given that Djokovic will compete in New York.

CDC announcing new regulations

According to a recent announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admission criteria and quarantine will no longer be subject to strict regulations. But at the moment, only Americans are affected by these developments.

The majority of the COVID limitations were lifted on Thursday. According to the CDC, which oversees health regulations in the US. The most important one is that starting on Friday, those who have had vaccinations will be treated similarly to those who have not.

Although it indicates on its website that this is being reviewed in light of the most recent update. The CDC has not yet revised its travel advise. Which presently mandates that all foreign nationals and citizens be fully immunized before entering the US.

Unvaccinated, Novak Djokovic allowed under new CDC statement

The new CDC statement read: “This updated guidance is intended to apply to community settings. In the coming weeks, CDC will work to align stand-alone guidance documents. Such as those for healthcare settings, congregate settings at higher risk of transmission, and travel, with today’s update.”

The Serbian tennis player can now participate in the US Open as a result of this. Djokovic has already been denied the opportunity to compete in competitions in North America. Due to his lack of immunization, he was unable to compete in Montreal and Cincinnati events leading up to the US Open.

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