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Who was Caleb Willingham? Know all about Tammy Slaton husband, Caleb Willingham Death

Caleb Willingham is a famous person who grew up in Evansville, Indiana. He rose to fame as an interesting loving character on the reality show 1000 Lb. He appeared alongside Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton in the TLC reality show. Caleb and Tammy’s relationship is to be full of ups and downs, so let’s dive into their past and history. They met in 2022 at a weight loss rehabilitation centre in Ohio, soon enough they fell in love and tied the knot that same year. However, their marriage didn’t last that long and eventually, the pair decided to call it off, ending their marriage after just 5 months. Recently, Caleb passed away and the reason is yet to be known. So here we have got everything for you to know about Caleb Willingham Death.

Caleb Willingham Cause of Death

Information regarding his cause of death isn’t available as of yet, but it is speculated that news regarding his death was given by Caleb’s sister, Shirley Willingham. We’ll let you know as soon as there is any information regarding it available. Also read: Ray Lewis Son Cause of death| Know everything about Ray Lewis III

Caleb Willingham’s Background Profile

There isn’t any information known on the past and history of Caleb, apart from that he grew up in Evansville, Indiana.

How and when did Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton meet?

Caleb and Tammy met at an Ohio rehabilitation facility in 2022, where they were both receiving treatment for obesity. Fans soon enough noticed their on-screen building romance and later the news did come out on the pair being together. Also read: Who is Nick Gilbert, Son of Dan Gilbert? What is Nick Gilbert Cause of Death?

Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton’s Wedding

After months of speculation and rumours being aired, the news finally broke that they have tied the knot, to everyone’s surprise, the very same year, at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Centre in Gibsonburg, Ohio. According to TLC, it was known that they had a very low-key but mesmerizing wedding, with them just inviting their family members. It was in October 2022 when Caleb proposed to Tammy and asked her to marry him.

FAQ’s About Caleb Willingham

Q) How old was Caleb Willingham?

Caleb Willingham was 40 years old.

Q) How much did Caleb Willingham weigh?

Caleb weighed around 480 pounds.

Q) How did Caleb and Tammy meet?

Caleb and Tammy met in 2022, in a rehabilitation centre in Ohio.

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