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Macklin Celebrini leads Bob McKenzie’s pre-season 2024 NHL Draft Rankings

Canadian Macklin Celebrini leads the pre-season 2024 NHL Draft Rankings by the coveted TSN writer Bob McKenzie, as announced earlier today.

Positioned at the forefront of this discerning selection is the exceptionally talented center, Celebrini, who is set to make his mark in the upcoming season while representing Boston University within the prestigious NCAA. Unlike Bedard’s previous draft scenario, Celebrini’s journey to secure the coveted first-overall pick is uncertain.

Succeeding Celebrini is American Cole Eiserman, who’s set to hit the ice this season with the U.S. U-18 National Development Team and committed to the University of Minnesota for the 2024-25 campaign, commands the reputation as the preeminent natural goal-scoring talent in the entire draft pool. His shot possesses an unwavering lethal quality, whether he’s releasing it from any corner of the offensive zone or unleashing blistering one-timers during power-play situations.

The Big Three is completed by Ivan Demidov who’s set to turn 18 in December. Demidov, who has a contract at KHL St. Petersburg side is close with Eiserman for the No.2 spot in McKenzie’s pre-season 2024 NHL Draft Rankings.

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Bob McKenzie Pre-season 2024 NHL Draft Rankings 1-16                     

  • #1 Macklin Celebrini
  • #2 Cole Eiserman
  • #3 Ivan Demidov
  • #4 Artyom Levshunov
  • #5 Sam Dickinson
  • #6 Berkly Catton
  • #7 Konsta Helenius
  • #8 Adam Jiricek
  • #9 Anton Silayev
  • #10 Aron Kiviharju
  • #11 Trevor Connelly
  • #12 Igor Chernyshov
  • #13 Carter Yakemchuk
  • #14 Zayne Parekh
  • #15 Micheal Brandsegg-Nygard
  • #16 Henry Mews

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