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Desperate Buffalo Bills Seek Assistance Clearing Snow to Ensure NFL Game Continues

Snow Shovelers— Residents of Buffalo with exceptional snow shoveling skills, Buffalo Bills is hiring!

Although the blizzard that led to the NFL playoff game’s postponement has subsided, Highmark Stadium remains covered in snow.

To address this, the Bills, who had initially hired locals for overnight snow removal, have issued another appeal for assistance on Monday morning.

The playoff game between the Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers hangs in the balance.

The pay for this unique opportunity is $20 per hour, and if you lack a shovel, one will be provided. Additionally, Buffalo Bills are offering complimentary breakfast, making it a special experience for their fans, whether they’re shoveling or enjoying a snow slide.

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Originally scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, the NFL postponed the game until 4:30 p.m. ET on Monday due to a massive snowstorm in Buffalo. The hazardous weather conditions justified the delay.

Monday’s forecast indicates cloudy weather with a temperature of 18 degrees, feeling like five degrees with the wind. Although an improvement from the initial conditions, it will still be cold and challenging. Despite the challenges, the Buffalo Bills and Steelers are well-prepared to face these conditions.

After intense shoveling on the days before, The Challenges remain. The pitch looks pristine but the bleachers and the sitting bowl, not so much.

The winner of the game will meet Travis Kelce’ KC Chiefs in the divisional round.

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